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Welcome to Comic Corner!!!! Over the past couple years my husband and I have been getting super into comic books. As many of you may have noticed movies and television series revolving around comic books have been coming out rapidly. Comic Corner is a way for me to bring in my love of comic books and everything related to my page.

Sometimes there will be videos I will post with the newest trailers for movies and shows, reviews of movies, and reviews of the comic books I've been reading. This page will be like my reviewer page in that the page will include links from what I've posted on the main page. Everything will be broken up into sections; Reviews: Comics, Reviews, Movies, Trailers, and so on.

There will also be videos I post from YouTube from channels that will give background and so on from other YouTube channels. I want to post these videos as a way to give background information about different characters and storylines.

Review: Comics:
Captain America & Thunderbolts Reviews
Secret Empire #0 Review
Wonder Woman Reviews
What I'm Reading Reviews

Comic-Con Release Trailers 2017
Blank Panther Trailer
Comic-Con 2018
DC Fandom 2020

TBR Pile Update:
TBR Pile
What I'm Reading

Fun Activities:
YA and Comics

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