Saturday, April 3, 2021

Monthly Recap: March

Whew! We made it through March. Honestly, I can't believe how this month turned out. It was pure chaos. I was go-go-going from the time this month started until the very beautiful ending that is Spring Break. Outside of work which consisted of meetings, writing reports, paperwork, testing, observations, and 100 more meetings I had a bunch of other stuff going on. My in-laws came to visit, Bradley started doing his yard work, and I finally started working on my baby shower; registry stuff, and a guest list.

Non-bookish Highlights:

Bradley planted 10 plants one weekend and we finally got a plant for our little piggy planter.

St. Patrick's Day dinner. Bradley is the best.

Pi Day fun! I ate two pies!

My St. Patrick's Day outfit of fun in my new maternity clothes.

Bookish Updates:
Number of Book I Read: 20
Number of Books I DNF'd: 0
Goodreads Challenge Progress: 71 out of 150.
Number of Blog Posts this Month: 24

Reviews from March Completed:
Fighting the Fire by Laura Kaye
BETRAYED by Dr. Rebecca Sharp
Strong, Silent Cowboy by Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick
USED by Kate Dunbar
The Devil in Her Bed by Kerrigan Byrne
PRICELESS INK by Giulia Lagomarsino
WISHING FOR A COWBOY by Victoria James
DEAR LOVE, I HATE YOU by Eliah Greenwood
Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

Reviews from March Uncompleted:
The Rook by Taylor Danae Colbert
The Reclaimed Kingdom by Dana Claire

Favorite Book(s) of the Month:
Perfect on Paper and Dear Love, I Hate You were beautifully written stories that I will 100% be reading again sometime. Review links posted above.

Book(s) that Surprised Me:
I love me some JLA, but I was not a fan of Moonlight Sinm it was boring and predicactble. The She Wolf's Choice was a huge disappointment. I barely made it through the book and sadly will not be continuing with the rest of the series.

March's Books I was Excited For:
I got a copy of Yes & I Love You by Roni Loren but haven't had time yet this month to work it into my schedule. Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs is one I am anxiously waiting to read and is on hold at the library. Chain of Iron is one I KNOW I will read, but I am very behind on Cassandra Clare's books. I read the first three chapters of Underboss and wasn't very interested. I ended up removing it from my TBR pile. Warrior Fae's release date was moved back to April sadly so that one didn't end up being released. I grabbed Stalked by the Alien Assassin for my KindleUnlimited and am waiting until next week to read it.

1. Netgalley: My goal is to read 2 to 3 books a month. I for 4 books read and reviewed from Netgalley! Go me!!!!

2. Edelweiss: My goal is to read 1 or 2 books from them for a month. I got 1 book read from Edelweiss, but I have not reviewed this one yet. I'm going to wait until I complete the rest of the series.

3. Reading my own books: My goal is 3-4 books a month from either my e-books or my bookshelves. Sadly, I only got 2 books from my bookshelves read, but 2 is better than none.

4. Cleaning Up My TBR Pile: I got 2 posts towards cleaning my shelves done this month and tossed 21 books for my TBR pile.

5. Comics: I got 6 of my comic books read this month! So proud! All Black Panther.

6. Writing: Editing and sending off. Sadly I did not get anything done towards my edits.

7. Series: I would like to finish 5 series this year. I have started 1 series this month, but I didn't finish it.

8. Blog stuff: My goal is to take one weekend out of the month to comment back on blogs. I did spend on weekend commenting on people's blogs, which made me super happy since I missed last month.

The first week of April is Spring Break and my family is coming down so I will be hanging with them, working on home repairs, and helping my mom find a house. I also hit my third trimester in April so I will be prepping more vigorously for Ollie's arrival with pregnancy classes.

What's Coming In April:

  • I'm hoping to find more time to read and work towards my reading goals.
  • I NEED to get to work on my writing goals.
Reviews I Currently Have Scheduled:
  • I BITE SHE SUCKS by Penelope Bloom
  • She Drives Me Crazy Kelly Quindlen
  • Mr. Smithfield by Louise Bay
  • Sweetened by Annie Dyer
  • Earn Your Extra Credit by Meghan Quinn
  • The Glass Slipper by K. Webster
  • Just One Night by Carly Phillips
  • OVER THE MOON by K.K. Allen
  • How To Train Your Earl Amelia Grey
  • Sacrifice by N. Isabelle Blanco

Books I'm Looking Forward to:

How was everyone's March? Any huge accomplishments met in March towards your reading or personal growth goals? What's coming in April for you all?

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