Monday, March 1, 2021

Monthly Recap: February

 February was insane. It went by insanely quick but was very emotional with a lot of ups and downs. Bradley's birthday was this month along with another close friend of mine. My hubby also lost his childhood puppy on the day of his birthday so it was just a craptastic month. Work has been very busy, and it's left me stressed beyond belief. I hadn't been sleeping and have been working super late in the day. It's just a big bag of crap. That being said there are some upsides. I have recently started showing and now have a decently sized baby bump.
Non-bookish Highlights:

Bookish Updates:
Number of Books I Read: 16
Number of Books I DNF'd: 6!!
Goodreads Challenge Progress: 44 out of 150.
Number of Blog Posts this Month: 29

Reviews from January Completed:

Away Game by Harlow Layne (5/5 bats)
Hit Me With Your Best Scot Suzanne Enoch (1.5/5 bats)
The Player by Kresley Colen (3/5 bats)
ONCE UPON A DARE by Carina Rose (4/5 bats)
Hawk by Kat Savage
Learning to Live by Kira Adams (6/5 bats)

Reviews from February Uncompleted:
I did soo much better this month than last month.
HACKING HIS CODE by Lark Anderson
Dawn by Aleatha Romig

Favorite Book(s) of the Month:
Assembly and Lost Girl were both books I had been looking forward to this month. Learning to Live ripped my heart out and left me bleeding on the floor. It was magnificent. Review link above.

Book(s) that Surprised Me:
Antiracist Baby was a book I hear nothing but great things about. but I was very disappointed by the content and lack of baby friendliness of the story. As for Hawk, that book was super good and I was surprised by the huge family orientation of the story based on the description and cover.

February's Books I was Excited For:
I got my copy of A Court of Silver Flames with the last of my B&N gift card. Assembly and Lost Girl were both books I grabbed from KindleUnlimited, read, and loved. I am definitely going to need to buy myself copies of them soon so I can reread to my heart's content. I have The Iron Raven on hold at the library currently. Beast boy and Raven's release date was moved to September so I wasn't able to get a copy. The Rakehell of Roth and The Beauty of Being Beast were both ones I thought about grabbing but just ran out of time this month.

1. Netgalley: My goal is to read 2 to 3 books a month. I got 2 read! One I ended up DNFing and 1 I ended up giving a very low rating.

2. Edelweiss: My goal is to read 1 or 2 books from them for a month. This was sadly another month where I didn't get much read. I am going to work on scheduling some for March.

3. Reading my own books: My goal is 3-4 books a month from either my e-books or my bookshelves. Sadly, I only got 1 read, but honestly, with how many book reviews I had scheduled I'm trying to be forgiving.

4. Cleaning Up My TBR Pile: I got 2 posts scheduled, created, and published this month. I ended up cleaning up 20 books from my bookshelf this month! Go me!

5. Comics: Sadly, I didn't get any comics read, but I did bag and board our new comics.

6. Writing: Editing and sending off. Sadly, with how busy February was for me I didn't get anything read.

7. Series: I would like to finish 5 series this year. I had 2 book series scheduled to read this month but with everything that was going on, I was honestly too exhausted to read too much.

8. Blog stuff: My goal is to take one weekend out of the month to comment back on blogs. This is another one I flopped on this month and didn't end up getting done like I wanted to.

I have no idea what March is going to bring me. I have a bunch of work to do which sucks and I think I'll be finishing up with my second trimester. I have a lighter load of books to review so I'm hoping that'll help me get some of my goals with completing my books.

What's Coming In March:

  • My scheduled discussion post
  • Comic books being read

Reviews I Currently Have Scheduled:

  • Strong, Silent Cowboy Lora Leigh; Veronica Chadwick
  • The Shape of Darkness by D Fischer
  • Perfect on Paper Sophie Gonzales
  • USED by Kate Dunbar
  • The Devil in Her Bed Kerrigan Byrne
  • PRICELESS INK by Giulia Lagomarsino
  • WISHING FOR A COWBOY by Victoria James
  • DEAR LOVE, I HATE YOU by Eliah Greenwood
  • TO WANT by Daniella Brodsky
  • BETRAYED by Dr. Rebecca Sharp
  • Beautifully Broken by Laura Lee
  • The Dream Guy Next Door by Lauren Blakely
  • Fighting the Fire by Laura Kaye
  • GLASS HEART HERO by Lindsey Iler
Books I'm Looking Forward to:

How was everyone's February? Did you get a lot of books read towards your reading goals?
Any challenges you'd recommend this year? What books are you looking forward to in March?

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