Thursday, January 7, 2021

Monthly Recap: December

Hello everyone! So this post is a bit later than I had hoped. I had the unfortunate luck of catching Covid while I was testing and started showing symptoms on my birthday. It was a mess. I am super thankful I was able to stay home during that time and not worry about being paid, but it was not fun. I have to say getting Covid at the end of the year was just an amazing way to end the year.

That being said, December wasn't all bad. I got to hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time, and it was an absolutely beautiful moment. 

Christmas didn't feel much like Christmas this year with Bradley, the puppies and I getting out of quarantine on Christmas Eve and having no family or friends able to stop by. That being said, I loved watching Bradley and the puppies open their presents. 

Nonbookish Updates
Bradley and the pups got matching hoodies!

Bradley got me a yellow bicycle!

Bookish Updates:
Number of Books I Read: 21
Number of Books I DNF'd: 3
Goodreads Challenge Progress: 477 out of 150.
Number of Blog Posts this Month: 21

Favorite Book(s) of the Month
I got a bit of reading in while I was in quarantine away from work and the family. These were my favorites. Reviews will be coming, but since this is my first week back on a computer since that Friday I got sick, I'm a bit behind on everything.

Book(s) that Surprised Me:

I was super excited about this book. I love a good M/M story and the teasers and excerpts I read for this book seemed super cute. Sadly, the formatting took away from the enjoyment of the story. I couldn't always tell who the narrator was and sometimes the texts and words were flip-flopped so I would have to go back and try to figure out where conversations and dialogue were supposed to be placed and it really killed my enjoyment of the story.

1. Netgalley: My goal is to read 2 to 3 books a month. While this would have been a great time for me to catch up on some of my goals, I was either bogged down with work or in quarantine and a bit depressed. It was a hard time and I sadly got nothing done with Netgalley.

2. Edelweiss: My goal is to read 1 or 2 books from them for a month. Similar to my Netgalley goal, that just sadly did not happen this past month.

3. Reading my own books: My goal is 3-4 books a month from either my e-books or my bookshelves. I read a lot of KindleUnlimited at the end of the year and again just slept or worked a lot this month.

4. Cleaning Up My TBR Pile: I haven't scheduled one of these in a while. I hope to finally finish up the cleaning of my shelves sometime early next year, but with all the hecticness of the end of the year, no further cleaning occurred this month.

5. Comics: Again, I had plenty of time to read my comics this past month and just didn't.

6. Health & Exercise: Well with having Covid my health took a bit of a hit. I wasn't able to leave my room much due to not wanting to get Bradley sick so I wasn't able to exercise much either sadly. 

Books I'm Looking Forward to:

How was your December?
Are you just as happy to be done with 2020?
Did you get any great books for Christmas?

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