Monday, August 31, 2020

Monthly Recap: August

Thank goodness August is finally over. It was way too hot and the whole month was a suckfest of stress. I really struggled this month emotionally as I headed back into school full time. Since Bradley is going back to school I am currently the only one working so it's been extra stressful trying to be safe in this pandemic with numbers rising and students coming back into the buildings. I also was told at the last minute that my favorite school was going to a different psych this year and I'd be getting a new school. So far, I'm liking the new school, but am feeling super lonely and stressed at work trying to learn a whole new school during a time I can't be sitting in with students and staff.

My reading was significantly down this month, from my usual 36 to 12 this month. I've just been in a bit of a stress fog and struggling to find any motivation to read. Sadly, many of the books I attempted to read I ended up DNFing or just not even being able to start and missing their review dates.

This month overall has just been a pretty stressful and crappy month with a few highlights in there. I did have a couple of my friends come over and cheer me up for the night. I also got my last tattoo for a while as we're trying to have a baby. Which of course brings it's own set of stress, but I guess that's what August is all about this month.

I have a friend that needs help with a study. If you fit the criteria for this study or know someone that does, please spread the word. Post here!

Non-bookish Updates:
I made my first homemade pizza!!!

My first day of school/work photo

And of course husband and puppy love! Bradley got his third round of color in for his sleeve.

Bookish Updates:
I got a tattoo based on the Guess How Much I Love You book by Sam McBratney

Number of Books Read: 15
Goodreads Challenge Progress: 381 out of 150.
Number of Blog Posts this Month: 40
Blog Updates: Updated my "Books Reviewed" 
Book Series I Finished: Devil's Rock by Sophie Jordan
Books Reviewed: 
The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West
Poison and Honey by Kristen Brand

Favorite Book(s) of the Month: 
I Am Enough and Sulwe are absolute must-reads and books I wish I'd had growing up. Stolen was a very well written romance I really enjoyed.

Book(s) that Surprised Me: 
Midnight Sun was surprisingly good. I couldn't put it down and am hoping to see more Edward stories in the future.

1. Netgalley: My goal is to read 2 to 3 books a month. Sadly, the 2 books I "read" from Netgalley I ended up DNFing.

2. Edelweiss: My goal is to read 1 or 2 books from them for a month. I got 3 books from Edelweiss read and the reviews are written, I just need to schedule them into next month's posts.

3. Reading my own books: My goal is 3-4 books a month from either my e-books or my bookshelves. I didn't get a single book read of my own this month.

4. Cleaning Up My TBR Pile: I didn't do this post this month. I've been a bit out of it this month and my blog has definitely been suffering from it.

5. Comics: Sadly I didn't read any comics. Still waiting for the husbanator to get to reading, but I did do a Comic Corner post. You can see it here.

6. Health & Exercise: My mental and physical health took a dive this month. I wasn't eating super unhealthy, in fact, I was probably eating better than usual since I pact high fiber lunches, but I was not exercising and work has been keeping me glued to the computer for some time now. Mentally, I've been stressing and I just haven't been feeling the best.

I'm really hoping September brings about some cooler weather and hopefully less stress. I'm very excited about the newest books coming out in September and can't wait to start feeling like I'm back in the groove.

Books I'm Looking Forward to:

How was everyone's August?
Any books you're super excited about for September?

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