Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Blog Tour: Hard Fall by Sara Ney

"Hard Fall"

That's what my mom is always saying: "The bigger you are, the harder you fall." She's talking about love—I've never been in it myself, but that doesn't stop me from secretly matchmaking for my friends. Who would suspect me, a world-class athlete, of meddling in other people's love lives? I love Love, especially when it’s not me who’s doing the falling…
"No Thanks."
That's what Hollis Westbrooke said when I asked her on a date. Well, propositioned her, actually—but it was all a big joke; one she doesn't think is funny. My stomach is in knots since I might actually like this girl so the joke is on me. Hollis’s father is my boss—and she doesn't date players.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall—especially when biggest player is me.
My Review:
We got to meet Trace "Buzz" Wallace in Hard Pass and now in Hard Fall we get to watch him fall in love.

When Buzz meets Hollis he makes a come on at her which she immediately rebuffs. Then later she meets him at a fundraiser her father asks her to go to and she runs into her terrible ex. When he starts insulting her Buzz rushes in and pretends to be her boyfriend. Now Buzz is trying to convince her that he's not the player he's been made out to be and that he wants something serious.

I thought Hard Fall was cute. It was nice seeing Buzz get a happy ending and figuring out that he isn't the big hulking jock that he appeared to be.

Hollis was sweet and fun to read about. She had a lot of trust issues with men and I loved how Buzz wasn't put off by them and instead rose to the challenge of getting her to trust him.

There was something that fell a little flat for me, but overall I enjoyed the story.

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Meet Sara Ney
Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances.

Among her favorite vices, she includes iced lattes, historical architecture, and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.

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