Saturday, July 4, 2020

Monthly Recap: June

How is June over already? I am seriously baffled how this month is over already. This whole month was over so quickly. I'm just baffled. I did a lot this month, but honestly, I just can't believe this month is over.

I got my early anniversary gifts

We went to visit Bradley's sister at the beach and brought the doggies to the beach for the first time.

We did some yard work

And I made apple butter for the first time.

Bookish Stuff:
I got my moons for my Lunar Chronicles tattoo. 

Number of Books Read: 35
Goodreads Challenge Progress: 325 out of 150.
Number of Blog Posts this Month: 42
Blog Updates: I updated my 'Books Reviewed' page
Book Series I Finished: I finished 3 series!! The Crown of Shards trilogy by Jennifer Estep, the Web of Desires trilogy by Alethea Romig, and the Remnant Chronicles trilogy by Mary E. Pearson
Discussion Post: I got my third discussion post read this year; Is Book Blogging Dying?
Books Reviewed: I feel like June was a lot heavier in the middle and lighter towards the beginning and end so I was able to go back and get some of the reviews I hadn't done yet completed.

ONE CLICK LOVE by T. Gephart
Learning Curves by Molly O'Hare
JOKES ON YOU by Lani Lynn Vale
Take it All Off by Weston Parker
THE CHANGE UP by Meghan Quinn
Hard Pass by Sara Ney
WOLF RANCH: FERAL by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale
LOUD MOUTH by Avery Flynn
Last Name by Rebecca Sharp

Favorite Book(s) of the Month:

Book(s) that Surprised Me:
Both of these were so very cute. 

1. Netgalley: My goal is to read 2 to 3 books a month. I got 1 book read and 3 reviewed. Not sure how I forgot to get those in but I am all caught up on books I've read but haven't reviewed.

2. Edelweiss: My goal is to read 1 or 2 books from them for a month. Sadly none this month, but I'm hoping July will be better.

3. Reading my own books: My goal is 3-4 books a month from either my e-books or my bookshelves. I got 2 books read this month. Both were short but very cute.

4. Cleaning Up My TBR Pile: I completed cleaning off my e-books shelves leaving me with 758 ebooks. I started back on my regular TBR pile this month again. I tossed 64 books total this month.

5. Comics: I read 4 Black Panther comics and completed my current comic TBR shelf. The husbanator has a bunch on his pile he needs to read and then send my way, but for now, I'm all done.

6. Health & Exercise: I did a bunch of yard work and exercising for the first half of the month. Then I got my new tattoos and had to lay off. I have been doing a lot of playing with the pups and cleaning so hopefully, that makes up for the second half being more relaxed.

July my in-laws are visiting for the first half and the hubmachine is taking the second half of his summer classes. I'm hoping to submit my book to some agents and get caught up a little more on my reading so when I go back to work I'm don't fall behind.

Books I'm Looking Forward to:

How was everyone's June?
What books did you love this month?
What books are you excited about in July?

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