Friday, July 10, 2020

Insanely Hot, Then Not Release Blitz

INSANELY HOT, THEN NOT (Flame #3) by Daniella Brodsky
Release Date: June 30th

Known: They share some serious stranger on the train chemistry. Tonight, he’s finally taking her on a date.

Unknown: He’s just inherited billions and plans to tear up his deadbeat dad’s building for some closure. And she’s the single-mom he evicted from his building to make way for the bulldozer.

One question: What could go wrong?


I’ve got one rule as a single mom: My daughter comes first. So when it comes to romance, so far, I’ve limited myself to fantasies about the gorgeous green-eyed guy on the train. For months, he’s been the bright light in my otherwise dull work week. Our eyes meet, electricity jolts between us, my body goes to mush, and then we lose each other in the station and I’ve got enough to keep me going for the next twenty-four hours. He’s that hot. But it’s more than that. I swear we have a connection. But then one day he disappears.

Our big loft apartment in San Francisco is our happy place. It’s big and bright and sunny, and the one constant in Zoe’s life.

So when someone moves into the top two floors and starts making a racket that keeps us up all night, neither of us is happy. Next, I get a letter that we’ve got to move out because Mr. Big Bucks upstairs is making our apartment into a home gym. Hell no. After a couple of jumbo glasses of wine, I slip a note under his door letting him know what I think of that.


It’s incredible, the way I can’t stop thinking about that curvy girl on the train with the sexy pixie hair. When my father dies and I have to go back to Australia to deal with all the legalities, it’s like she’s with me, providing the tenderness that he never did. I swear, she’s the only reason I got through all that. I spent years avoiding all the insecurities his abandonment created, but his death has ripped all that wide open. My friends say I bet the two billion dollars he left you helps. And it does. A little.

When I get home and see her on the train, I know this is going to be the day I talk to her. It helps that she seems just as hot to see me as I am to see her after my month away. She agrees to go on a date with me that night. But when I realize she’s the tenant in my building whom I’ve just evicted, I know I’m in a whole lot of trouble.

*This is a full-length romance with a guaranteed HEA. The Flame Series books have some crossover characters but can be read in any order and have no cliffhangers.

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About the Author:
Daniella Brodsky is the bestselling author of a dozen contemporary romance novels–one of which has been adapted by Disney as the film, Beauty & The Briefcase, starring Hilary Duff (I know, right?!).

She writes sexy, sweet, intelligent romance that often takes readers into far-off destinations. This is because she’s lived all over the world, from New York to London to Sydney and Honolulu. She lives in Australia, and lots of her alpha males are Australian because let’s face it: they’re hot. And the accent doesn’t hurt either. That’s why she married one.

Daniella is an adjunct Creative Writing Lecturer at James Cook University and edits and teaches fiction craft at her Captain Cook Studio. A native New Yorker, she lives in Canberra, Australia, where she is writing her next contemporary romance novel in the FLAME SERIES: INSANELY HOT, THEN NOT, which launches in April and features a particularly epic love triangle. Stop by and say hello at her Facebook page HERE.

Do you sometimes like to have a break from your book boyfriends and keep yourself up all night with a heart-pounding twisty psychological thriller full of “oh no you didn’t!” moments? Check out her pen name: Dan Noble

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