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Blog Tour: Learning Curves by Molly O'Hare

Learning Curves is a single dad, enemies to lovers, curvy girl rom-com with a teacher that everyone wished they had in school, and a swoon-worthy dad that would do anything for his daughter. Throw in an over-eating dog and watch what happens next.
To Spencer Hurley, women-only left pain and destruction in their wake. The only good thing that came from his disaster of an ex was his daughter, Annabelle. Right now, making sure Belle was taken care of and getting her the help she needed with her learning disabilities was his only focus. And if that meant moving to a new town, consider the moving truck rented and packed.

Ellie Ryan spent her childhood being judged and bullied because of her learning disabilities. Jokes on them, though, she was now the top special education teacher in her district. See, Ellie totally had her life together. Kind of. Maybe… Okay, really, she’s a word-vomiting, curvy, hot-mess, who hasn’t had a date in who knows how long. And then there was Roxy, her rude over-eating dog. Nevertheless, Ellie was fiercely protective of her students. She’d gladly rip out the throat of anyone that dared to mess with her kids. Including their parents.

So, please explain to Ellie why, even after calling her new student’s father out during a disastrous parent-teacher meeting, Ellie couldn’t help being insanely attracted to the gruff single dad? Somebody, please help her. Besides, nothing good could come from it... right?

My Review:
Holy smokes everyone, this book was just everything. I was so thrilled when I got an ARC and this story completely lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Molly O'Hare you are a queen among authors and I couldn't be more amazed of this story.

I had wanted to read this book as soon as I heard the main character was someone with a learning disability. Seriously, as a School Psychologist, I was excited to read about a character like the kids I have the pleasure to work with. Then I read the first pages of Molly O'Hare's story and my heart just broke into a million pieces. Having her talk about her difficulties and the very terrible experience she had with a School Psychologist made me want to find out whoever the hell this guy was and kick the actual shit out of him. Seriously, I'm not a violent person, but you do not come at kids like that or anyone like that. Ugh, it had my blood boiling and my heartbreaking and that was BEFORE I even got to the actual story.

Learning Curves is about two characters Ellie and Spencer. Ellie is a bit of an adorable spaz who after being labeled with some learning disabilities and Dyslexia and having a terrible past with the Special Education system decided to tell the naysayers "f*ck you" and help teach kids just like her. This is how she meets Spencer and his adorable daughter who has been labeled with similar diagnoses and has had trouble with her past school. In walks Spencer, who rubs her the wrong way in the beginning but after seeing Ellie with his daughter realizes she's exactly who his daughter and him need.

I could and will be singing Learning Curves praises for a long long time. I loved this book from start to finish. The writing was amazing. I don't think I've ever fallen in love with characters so quickly or laughed so dang hard in my life over a book. Several times I had to put it down because I was feeling embarrassed while the characters were doing something embarrassing. That's good writing.

The pacing is there. The romance is there. Learning Curves has laughter, great characters, and just an all-around amazing story. I was so excited about this book because seriously we don't get a lot of books with characters who are super different in a way like a learning disability or anything to do with special education outside of autism. It was really nice to see this representation and I just couldn't have loved this book more. It's an amazing read from an even more amazing author who has gone through so much. A definite must-read if you hadn't gotten that already from my review.

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