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Blog Tour: LAST CHANCE ACADEMY by Alex Lidell

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the LAST CHANCE ACADEMY by Alex Lidell Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours.Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!
About the Book:
Title: LAST CHANCE ACADEMY: Shifter Fae Vampire Reform School Romance (Immortals of Talonswood Book 1)
Author: Alex Lidell
Pub. Date: May 1, 2020
Publisher: Danger Bearing Press
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 400

Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, Kindle

Foster girl. Trash. That’s all I am to the world. And that’s fine. After surviving New Jersey’s foster system, I can survive anything. Even taking a dangerous job from a tall, gorgeous stranger so I can keep my little sister safe—a job that goes very, very wrong.

Suddenly I’m facing a brutal choice: a decade in jail or four years as a ward of Talonswood Reform Academy—a place with an all too perfect correction record. A place that makes bootcamp look like a spa.

But Talonswood and its cruel cadets are far more than they seem, and so are the four men who rule it. Ellis. Asher. Reese. Cassis. Powerful, impossibly beautiful men who ignite a wildfire inside me—and who will stop at nothing to make my life a living hell.

But it turns out I’m more than I seem, too. And I’m not going down without a fight.

LAST CHANCE ACADEMY is a full length dark reverse harem paranormal romance. This is the first of four books in Immortals of Talonswood, a new series from Amazon’s top-100 author Alex Lidell. With hot shifter-fae, delicious vampires, one lone witch, Talonswood isn't your normal reform school.
My Review:
Alex Lidell is one of those authors I am always dying to read more of. Last Chance Academy was definitely an interesting read.

Sam has had a difficult life and when she tries to make it better for her younger sister by taking a thieving job she gets hauled off to the police station and told she'll either be sent to jail or she has to go to a supernatural school.

The school is like hell on earth and I felt so bad for Sam as she's tortured constantly and bullied and just unsafe around everyone. She has no connection to the outside world and no one that isn't trying to use or abuse her. It broke my heart for her.

I really enjoyed this story. There were a lot of moments that I was laughing my butt off. It wasn't perfect for me since some areas dragged, but I really wanted more character interaction.

I really liked the introduction to the guys and can't wait to see what happens next. I have to say I'm like crying a little inside knowing it'll probably be a while before we get to see anything resembling book two.

“Ms. Devinee, as I truly hope you are aware, you are now a ward of Talonswood Reform Academy. You may call this a reform school, a military prison, or hell on earth—so long as you do it out of my earshot, I don’t care. What I do care about is that you understand that our rules are strict and absolute.”
“I un—” I start to say, shutting up as Asher shakes his head.
“No, you do not. But you will.” He nods to Quinn. “Take Ellis to the post and then meet us at the hose. Samantha, follow Reese and me.”
I spare a glance for Ellis, who seems both unsurprised and unfazed by what’s about to happen to him, and then hurry to follow Asher as instructed. Dammit. Despite myself, I already fear making the man angry at me even more than I fear crossing Quinn again.
Quinn is like mean miniature Dachshund. Asher is a wolf.
Holding on to the strap of my backpack, I walk between Asher and Reese, the two instructors bracketing me like prison guards. I wonder if this is how all new students are welcomed, or if I’m just extra special.
Witch, Ellis’s voice spits in my memory as if in response, making me shiver.
Quinn has said as much too.
I swallow.
As we angle right across the dusky green, tall wrought iron lamps come on along the walkways, and we finally pass other students for the first time, paused to watch the procession. I try not to stare, but it’s hard—so hard. The girls, dressed in blue plaid skirts and white button-downs, all look cut out of the pages of Seventeen magazine, tall, willowy, smooth skinned, with silky hair down to their butts, in every natural color of the rainbow. Not dyed hair like mine—I can tell immediately that none of them would ever be so crass.
The boys, in blue blazers, are all athletically built and as beautiful as the girls, some with porcelain-pale skin like Reese’s, some with a feral angle to their eyes like Ellis’s.
I thought these were supposed to be a bunch of juvenile delinquents. What do they put in the water here? Fuck. Maybe I’ll wake up with muscles and hair down to my butt too.
When I meet the cadets’ gazes, the dislike in their eyes is palpable enough to leave a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. In foster care, another brat meant another threat to what little anyone had, but no one here looks underfed in the least. Nor does Talonswood appear to be lacking in anything but common sense. The four fortress-castle-mansion things could probably fetch enough money to buy a small country, their stone façades in perfect repair, even the ivy growing in seemingly intentional patterns. The metal fences at the corners of the yard are no less gorgeously elaborate, the wolf-head designs on them works of art—and their currently open leaves ready to swing shut. To turn the large green into a grand prison yard in a matter of seconds.
“You are the only witch at Talonswood, Samantha,” Asher says abruptly as we bend around the rightmost building to stop at a piece of soggy ground behind it under a single harsh spotlight, the forest rising darkly in the background. “The demis do not know what to make of you. Frankly, neither do I.”
Demis? Yet another word that sounds like gibberish. “That makes all of us,” I mutter. “What does being a witch mean exactly? Should I be able to fly or do magic or turn men into toads?” My pitch rises with each word until a hard look from Asher silences me at once. 
“No. Potentially. No.” Asher tells me curtly, raising his hand to stop further inquiries. “You will learn more in class. Let me be clear—you are welcome to protest, cry, question the truth all you want, just do it on your own time.” Asher is hiding his emotions better than Quinn had, but something unkind flashes in his eyes nonetheless. “I will not abide bad behavior under my watch. You are a witch, a nonhuman species. That carries risks to all two—apologies, three—creature races. I do not expect you to know what I am talking about yet—I do expect you to spend your every waking moment learning.”

For the first time, hearing it in Asher’s cool, logical voice, my brain has a hard time rejecting it. It’s impossible. But when you hear something enough times… I think of cauldrons, frogs, pointy hats, and somehow know that’s not what it means.

Giveaway Details:
winner will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card, INTERNATIONAL.

About Alex:
Alex Lidell is the Amazon Breakout Novel Awards finalist author of THE CADET OF TILDOR (Penguin, 2013) and Amazon top 100 author and KDP-all star winner for POWER OF FIVE and LERA OF LUNOS (Danger Bearing Press, 2018). She is an avid horseback rider, a (bad) hockey player, and an ice-cream addict. Born in Russia, Alex learned English in elementary school, where a thoughtful librarian placed a copy of Tamora Pierce’s ALANNA in Alex’s hands. In addition to becoming the first English book Alex read for fun, ALANNA started Alex’s life long love for fantasy books with strong heroines. Alex lives in Washington, DC.

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