Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Monthly Recap: December

It's the end of the year, everyone! I can hardly believe it. December has been a month of ups and downs, but overall it's been very good.
I had my birthday. I got to go on vacation for two weeks. And my pups started wearing their sweaters since for a couple days it was colder here. Colder being a relative term since it would go from 67 one day to 34 another day. Not too cold, but when it switches abruptly it's a little jarring.

Nonbookish Stuff:
My Life
Puppies getting ready for the holidays

Hubmachine and I got more tattoos. I got the Weasley Family Burrow and Bradley got a racoon.

 Bradley took me out for dinner and got me birthday presents. 

 Christmas food included some yummy food! Prime rib and strawberry shortcake.

And of course, my Papa is enjoying some puppy time!

Song of the Month

Bookish Stuff:
Reading Update
I read 16 books this month.
Goodreads Challenge Goal of 150. I've read 271 this year.
Blog posts this month: 36 posts this month. A lot better than my 49 last month!
I've continued participating in Cleaning Up My TBR Pile and tossed 32 books this month

Favorite Book(s) of the Month:

The Ones Who Got Away was amazing. I read book one a while ago and then read books 2-4 back-to-back. 

Gena Showalter is always a win!

Book(s) That Surprised Me:
I discovered Coralee June this year and have loved everything from her so far. Burn was one I didn't completely love. It was good, but compared to her other books it wasn't everything I thought it would be.

Goals This Year and My Progress
1. Continuing to stay on top of my book reviews. I did complete shit this last month. Between work craziness and home craziness and being all-around tired I didn't even keep up with reading my reviewer copies.

2. Continue commenting regularly on other blogs. I did total crap on this too. All year I've kept up but my weeknights and weekends were spent getting ready for family and meeting with friends I just didn't have the time.

3. Finish a couple series on my bookshelves. I completed 3 of my open series this month.

I finished Trapped which is the second book in the trilogy that last heard will not be being completed.

I read books 2-4: The One You Can't Forget, The One You Fight For, and The One For You

I accidentally started this series thinking it was only one book and it turned out to be 5 books. I finished them in two days and it was glorious.

4. Writing. I am about two chapters from finishing at the time of the post. My goal is to finish before 2020 so I am going to work on them on December 31st and get those last two chapters finished. I'm currently at 73,646 words.

5. Working towards self-compassion. I've actually done pretty well on this goal this month. I was getting anxious a couple times and just got busy on the tasks that were making me anxious and felt so much better. I finished all my holiday shopping in the first like four days of December and got all my reports done for work before break. I took the time each weekend to wash my face and do my nails.

6. Book buying limit. Another month of no book buying!!

7. Discussion posts. I got my post out about my suffering from FOMO and not realizing it. I'm going to try and work on that in the coming year.

How was everyone's December? Amazing? Terrible?

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