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Review: Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep

Dark Frost
Mythos Academy #3
Paperback, 352 pages
Published by K-Teen
Release Date: May 29th, 2012

I've seen so many freaky things since I started attending Mythos Academy last fall. I know I'm supposed to be a fearless warrior, but most of the time, I feel like I'm just waiting for the next Bad, Bad Thing to happen. Like someone trying to kill me--again.

Everyone at Mythos Academy knows me as Gwen Frost, the Gypsy girl who uses her psychometry magic to find lost objects--and who just may be dating Logan Quinn, the hottest guy in school. But I'm also the girl the Reapers of Chaos want dead in the worst way. The Reapers are the baddest of the bad, the people who murdered my mom. So why do they have it in for me? It turns out my mom hid a powerful artifact called the Helheim Dagger before she died. Now, the Reapers will do anything to get it back. They think I know where the dagger is hidden, but this is one thing I can't use my magic to find. All I do know is that the Reapers are coming for me--and I'm in for the fight of my life.

My Review:
As all, we book lovers know as we read books in a series the next book has to be as good if not better than the books that have come before it. I truly feel like the third book in the Mythos Academy series has done that. Each book in this series has been so darn good so far. The books are consistently amazing and I couldn’t have loved this book more. Each book in this series has left me in a bit of a craze to read the next book

Dark Frost ups the ante with every page. Gwen has been almost killed over a handful of times at this point. Gwen is a target by the Reapers for multiple reasons. One she “killed” a Reaper which leads to the Reapers targeting her. Two, Gwen is Nike’s champion who is one of the main people who can take down Loki, and three Gwen’s mother hid an artifact called the Helheim Dagger. Now it’s up to Gwen to find where her mother hid it, and hide it again before the Reapers can use it to release Loki.

A couple other things occur in this story, but this book starts off with a bang and it doesn’t stop there. Gwen, as usual, is amazing. I love her still and honestly wish I lived in this universe so we could be friends. Gwen uses her Gypsy gift to find items for different students, which lands her in a lot of trouble, especially in this story. I was honestly surprised time and time again by Gwen’s strength. She gets knocked down time and time again throughout these stories and continues to come back and kick butt. I love how she needs her friends and her grandmother. She doesn’t try to think she can do everything by herself even though she does end up doing that sometimes to protect her friends.

Gwen is amazing, but so are the secondary characters. I love Gwen’s best friends and Logan and his friends. Logan is sooo dang yummy. Logan and Gwen struggle a bit due to Logan’s secret, but I love that he’s always there for her.

I can’t say enough about this series. I love every book so darn much it’s amazing. I don’t think I could love this series more than I already do. There’s action, great characters, and beyond amazing writing.

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