Sunday, September 1, 2019

Monthly Recap: August

 August was a holy-crap-please-don't-let-me-die type of month. I started work on the first and my in-laws came on the second. They were here for a week and in that time I was pulling a Rhianna:

It's been a hectic month, to say the least, and I'm hoping September will slow down a little bit.

Last month I made the goals: Get to 30,000 words in my writing, get caught up on my book reviews, don't have a breakdown at work several days in a row, and stay on task with goals.

I did pretty well with all of these goals this month except having a breakdown at work (and maybe at home) several days in a row. When you come into a new job and they give you 32 referrals to finish by the end of the month on top of learning a new system and schools and people it was insanely overwhelming and I don't do so well with overwhelming stuff like that.

Nonbookish Stuff:
My Life

Bradley cleaned out the gutters like a boss. He also made some very yummy soup from Bon Appetit and I made a Strawberry Shortcake from the same YouTube channel. Probably the best part of this month cuz the food was the bomb diggity.

Song of the Month:

Bookish Stuff:
Reading Update:
I read 18 books this month.
Goodreads Challenge Goal of 150. I've read 196 at this point.
Blog posts this month: 50 posts
I've almost completed the Harry Potter audiobooks and should be done mid-September. I finished Half-Blood Prince and am about 6 hours away from finishing The Deathly Hallows.
I've continued participating in Cleaning Up My TBR Pile and I haven't been adding any additional books unless I'm reading them for blog tours. I'm feeling pretty good about that. This month I've tossed 44 books from my TBR pile and kept 6.

Favorite Book(s) of the Month:

Loved these books this month. You can read my reviews by following the links: The King by JLA, Bound by Aleatha Romig, and I'd Rather Not by Lani Lynn Vale.

Book(s) That Surprised Me:

So I bought this book to get a free book from Jay Crownover. I didn't know what to expect from this book, but I cried so very hard for a while. Link to book here.

Goals of the Year and My Progress
1. Continuing to stay on top of my book reviews. I have to say this month was a mix. The books I did read I reviewed but there were some I should have read this month that I honestly was just not feeling when it came time to read them. Whoops.

2. Continue commenting regularly on other blogs. I think I did a pretty decent job again this month. I reached out to a couple new blogs again this month and posted on their blogs.

3. Finish a couple series on my bookshelves. So generally I was trying to go for books that I actually own, but realized I wasn't being to fair to myself so here is a series I started on blog tours and I completed the series this year.

4. Writing. I want to finish at least one of my book ideas this year. I made some good progress this month but slightly less progress than I wanted. With work picking up I was a bit overwhelmed in the worst way, but I did make it to 29,000 words which is about 1,000 less than I wanted.

5. Working towards self-compassion. I had mentioned this goal back in January and February and realized I needed to add it to my goal collection. I started therapy this year and have been doing more towards my life and blog to keep mentally healthy. This month I took the time and did my nails and spent an entire weekend doing absolutely nothing. Pure gloriousness.

6. Book buying limit. As I mentioned earlier in the year the husband and I have made a deal about my excessive book buying problem.

Our promise? For every 15 books I read that I own: Hardcopy or E-book, I can buy 1 book. As of now, I have read 38 of my owned books. I'm super proud of myself.

I have bought 9 books this year, which doesn't really go with the 2 I should have, but 5 of them, I had already read before so I don't think they should count. The updates to the Kindle app have been super helpful in telling me how much I have unread.

7. Discussion posts: My hope was to get more discussion posts this year. I've had a very successful year with this goal, posting almost once a month. This month my post was about 'The Embarrassment of Reading YA/Romance."

In the hope that September is a better month than August, I'm setting some new goals for this month.

  • Finish one series
  • Get caught up on work
  • Continue working on goals
  • One breakdown a week at work

How was everyone's August? 
Did anyone read anything super special?

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