Friday, July 5, 2019

Monthly Recap: June

Holy smokes this month has been crazy. I spent half the month in North Carolina and half split between Illinois and Boston.

I finished my first year of work!! Woot Woot!!! Couldn't be happier to be done with that place.

I went to two weddings. One in Illinois/Iowa that my husbanator was in and one in Boston. The husbanator and I were gone for 20 days. Almost 3 weeks on the dot. In that time I met up with my cohort members, we visited Boston for a couple days, we visited Chicago with my internship buddy. We also visited family members, we did a painting class and went go-karting. There wasn't a single day that wasn't busy.

Nonbookish Stuff:
My Life

Song of the Month:

Bookish Stuff:
Reading Update:

  • I read 23 books this month. I think it's a decent number considering I was so busy this month.
  • Goodreads Challenge Goal: 150. Progress: Read 156.  Goal complete.
  • Blog posts this month: 46 posts
  • I've almost completed the Harry Potter audiobooks this month. I adore them very much. I also 
  • I've continued participating in Cleaning Up My TBR Pile and I haven't been adding any additional books unless I'm reading them for blog tours. I'm feeling pretty good about that. This month I've tossed 65 books from my TBR pile and kept 12

Favorite Book(s) of the Month:
These books were great. I had great enjoyment reading these this month. Pretty Things and The Bazaar were fabulous and read through KindleUnlimited. The Fadeaway I haven't reviewed yet. Smooth Moves, Stealing Vengeance, and Darkness Rising have all been reviewed and you can read them through the links.

Book(s) that Surprised Me:
The Boss by Kendall Ryan was surprising good. Not sure why I was surprised since I adore her books, but it was very good. Hate Notes and Sour were both a bit disappointing and since I've loved other books by them I was a bit surprised.

Goals for the Year and My Progress
1. Continuing to stay on top of my book reviews. I've been out of town for most of the month so I am behind on about 3 book reviews. Otherwise, I'm doing pretty well.

2. Continue commenting regularly on other blogs. I think I did a pretty decent job again this month. I reached out to a couple new blogs and posted on their blogs.

3. Finish a couple series on my bookshelves. Last month I finished one whole series and that felt very good. This month I knew I wouldn't get much done seeing as I wasn't home for much of it.

4. Writing; I want to finish at least one of my books this year. I made some good progress this month. Not as much as last month but still good. I wrote about 3,000 words this month.

5. Working towards self-compassion. I had mentioned this goal back in January and February and realized I needed to add it to my goal collection. I completed my therapy sessions this year and my therapist suggested that we take a break unless I need to come again. 

6. Book buying limit. As I mentioned earlier in the year the husbantor and I have made a deal about my excessive book buying problem. Our promise? For every 15 books I read that I own: Hardcopy or E-book, I can buy 1 book. As of now, I have read 33 of my owned books. I'm super proud of myself. I have bought 8 books this year. 7 of them were from this month and 4 of them I had already read before. The updates to the Kindle app have been super helpful in telling me how much I have unread.

7. Discussion posts: My hope was to get more discussion posts this year. I've had a very successful year with this goal and was able to post my discussion post on How My Reading has Changed since I became a Blogger.

I will be home in July. I'm super excited about July. My hope is to relax and do a lot of reading!

  • I hope to finish 2 series 
  • Finishing the garden in the background
  • Regular exercise
How was everyone's June?

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