Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Dark Legacy Completed Series Release Blitz

Dark Legacy Series
By: Jaymin Eve and Tate James
Now Complete!

Back Cover Copy to Broken Wings

They rule my new town, my school, and with more money than God, there’s very little out of their reach.

Four gorgeous, perfect, scary boys. There used to be five, but one of them died, leaving a fifth position that I now fill.

I didn't ask for this. I didn't want to be part of this billionaire-boys-club. But no one cares about what I want.

Sebastian Beckett is the worst of them. Their leader. He draws me in and strips me of every defense I have. He calls me Butterfly, but it's not a pet name, it's a threat. Beck wants nothing more than to break my wings, pin me to a board and watch me writhe.

He wants to see me broken. Body, heart, and soul.

And what these elite want, they get.

Only they've never met Riley Jameson.

Let the battle begin.

*This dark contemporary romance features one girl and four sexy, dangerous boys but is NOT a reverse harem*
Genre: Dark High School Romance 
(18 and over recommended)
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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All three books are now available exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Excerpt from the book:
"Last chance. Get in the car." His tone was so casual, so devoid of caring that it set my danger radar off in a big way. He wanted me to refuse. This was some sort of sick game to him!

Dropping my bag from my shoulder to my hand, I fished out the little bottle of hand sanitizer and packet of tissues that was tucked in the front zip. "Sure thing," I replied in a sickly sweet voice. "Let me just sanitize my seat real quick. The last thing I need is to catch a disease from whatever tramps have been sitting there with no panties on."

Beck muttered something under his breath, then snatched the sanitizer and my bag from my hands before holding the passenger door to his Bugatti open. "Get in the car," he repeated for the third time, and seeing as I'd run out of sassy comebacks I did as I was told.

"Where are your boyfriends?" I asked when he slid into the driver’s seat and pulled his door shut. This was the first time all week I'd seen him without Jasper, Evan and Dylan shadowing his every move. When he didn't reply, I decided to run with it.

"How does that all work anyway?"

This seemed to pique his interest and he arched a brow at me as he revved the engine of my beautiful unicorn car. "How does what work?"

My breath caught, and I needed to bite the inside of my cheek to stifle a moan. This car...

"Your four-way gay relationship," I pressed on with my snark and desperately prayed my face wasn't flushing.

A small smile twitched at his lips. "You're asking who is top and bottom, Butterfly? Does that sort of thing turn you on?"

The rumble of the engine seemed to purr through the seats and I tightened my thighs as Beck smoothly pulled out into the street and gunned the accelerator. "Fuck me," I breathed as the speed pressed me into my seat like a firm hand, and then bit my lip. Had Beck just heard that? Why, why, why had I gotten into this sexy, wet dream of a car? With him? I wasn't strong enough for this type of torture.

Licking my lips and twisting my plaid skirt in my fingers, I risked a quick glance at Beck and found an arrogant smirk on his face that equally made me want to throat punch him and rip his clothes off. It was in that moment that I first considered therapy.

"Where are we going?" I asked, desperately changing the subject from what turns me on. The last thing I needed to do was lose my tenuous hold over my tongue and blurt out that fast cars and asshole guys with god complexes were what made me wet.

Beck turned his attention from the road for long enough to give me a pitying look. Long enough for the danger of his inattention at high speeds to spike my adrenaline and quicken my breathing. Thank the gods of school uniforms, my heavy woolen sweater was thick enough to hide how hard my nipples were in that moment.

"We have a meeting to attend. I told you on Monday and you chose to ignore me, remember?" His tongue trailed across his lower lip in what had to be a deliberate move. The bastard was too damn aware of his own looks for that to have been accidental.

Using my nails, I pinched the side of my thigh to remind myself who I was messing with. This was Sebastian Roman Beckett. Self confessed king of Ducis Academy. Gorgeous or not, I'd still rather punch him in the face than kiss him.

I think.

"I remember," I gritted out. "I meant, where is this meeting being held?"

His cocky smirk said he was totally aware of his effect on me, but he thankfully let it go as he navigated the winding roads back toward the compound where I was currently residing. There was no way in hell I'd ever call it home.

"My house," he announced with a sarcastic lilt. "Congratulations, Butterfly. You get to step inside the snake pit."

About Jaymin Eve:
Jaymin Eve is the USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and sci-fi novels filled with epic love stories, great adventures, and plenty of laughs. She lives in Australia with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and a couple of crazy pets. To date, she has sold over 1.5 million ebooks, and still can't believe that she gets to create fantasy worlds as a job.

Author Links: Mailing listWebsiteAmazon - InstagramFacebook Author PageFacebook Fan GroupTwitter

About Tate James:
Tate James is a USA Today Bestselling Author of Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and sometimes dabbles in Romantic Suspense. She was born and raised in the Land of the Long White Cloud (New Zealand) but now lives in Australia with her husband, babies and furbaby.
She is a lover of books, red wine, cats and coffee and is most definitely not a morning person. She is a bit too sarcastic and swears too much for polite society and definitely tells too many dirty jokes.

Author Links: Mailing listWebsiteAmazonInstagramFacebook Author PageFacebook Fan GroupTwitter

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