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Monthly Recap: May

Whew, let me just say this whole month has been a big bag of duck sauce. This whole month has been full of stress both at home and at work. Due to all this stress I've been neglecting my self-care a bunch, I haven't been reading, and my blog has fallen to the wayside. It was not a fun month.

My husbanator has been having issues with his program and has decided to take a year off and reapply to a different program next year. This decision was stressful and difficult for everyone. Husbanator and I will now be pushing back our dream for trying to expand our family for another year. We may have to move again next year if he gets into another program, and he needs to find a job in a related field this year to help him with getting into a program next year. It's been a lot of freaking stress, tears, and anger.

To top it off work has been a hot mess. I've had 30 full reports due this month. It's been constant go-go-go since the start of the month. I also got a bunch of teachers requesting extra stuff after I've finished my reports meaning I need to send out stuff, wait, score everything, and then go back into our three different systems and change the reports. It's been a freaking delight....not. Thankfully, because I worked my butt off and tested about 3-5 kids a day for two weeks and then went into my writing hole I was able to finish everything by the end of the month. It feels so good to be done!

Nonbookish Stuff:
My Life:
I officially have a reading chair!! 
I've been wanting a chair to sit in so I can be surrounded by my books 

I spent a couple hours by a creek by my husband's school and got to see some baby geese. 

 The husbanator and I have been doing yard work for a while and we got a fire pit. 

Had an event called Young Athletes that I helped with. Helped with the 'Golf' station that was more like hockey. 

All my protocols for the year. I finally got to filing these. Over 100 protocols in that box. 

I baked new cupcakes this month. PB&J cupcakes from scratch. 
Recipe HERE! They were very yummy!

Song of the Month:
Since I've been working on my writing more this song has been in my head when I'm writing.

Bookish Stuff:
Reading Update:
  • I read 18 books this month. Completely unheard of that I have read so few this month, but it just hasn't been a good past couple months. 
  • Goodreads Challenge Goal: 150. Progress: Read 132.
  • Blog posts this month: 40 posts
  • I started listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks this month. They're fabulous.
  • I've continued participating in Cleaning Up My TBR Pile and I haven't been adding any additional books unless I'm reading them for blog tours. I'm feeling pretty good about that. This month I've tossed 21 books from my TBR pile and kept 9. Link to posts HERE
Favorite Book(s) of the Month:
'Ache' was an amazing book that I definitely loved and will be re-reading again at some point. See review HERE.

Second Sight was a KindleUnlimited book I grabbed that grabbed my attention and I immediately was sucked in. No review yet.

Book(s) That Surprised Me:

I've been in a bit of a reading rut for the past couple months. It's been difficult for me to pick up any of the books I've signed up to read since I've been in such a funk. These books have really been great with getting me out of the funk for a little. See reviews here: Taken, Interlude, In Other Words.

Goals for the Year and My Progress
1. Continuing to stay on top of my book reviews. I have to say this month I did better than last month in terms of reviews, but I am still behind. For this month's reviews, I still need to write four more, but I've written six.

2. Continue commenting regularly on other blogs. I think I did a pretty decent job this month. I even reached out to some new blogs and posted on their blogs.

3. Finish a couple series on my bookshelves. Last month I finished one whole series and that felt very good. This month I did not read very much due to stress, work, and a whole slew of other reasons. I'm hoping that June and July will be better.

4. Writing; I want to finish at least one of my books this year. I got so much progress done this month. I worked like a freaking boss at work and had a whole week to do basically nothing but what I wanted. In that time I signed up to have my writing progress tracked. So far I've been able to get 8,000 words written up, I wrote up an outline, I got all my character names, their Were species, and my main characters mapped out: likes, dislikes, etc. I also got my word document organized so I know when I need to put in some information down. I'm feeling so good about it.

5. Working towards self-compassion. I had mentioned this goal back in January and February and realized I needed to add it to my goal collection. I'm still going to therapy and I've been working on keeping up on my five minutes of mindfulness a day.

6. Book buying limit. As I mentioned earlier in the year the husbantor and I have made a deal about my excessive book buying problem. Our promise? For every 15 books I read that I own: Hardcopy or E-book, I can buy 1 book. As of now, I have read 24 of my owned books. I'm super proud of myself. I have only bought 1 book this year still. The updates to the Kindle app have been super helpful in telling me how much I have unread: 1,018 on my Kindle. Yikes. I have 948 read.

7. Discussion posts: My hope was to get more discussion posts this year. I have been very excited to say that I've gotten four posted this year, so almost one a month. This month I talked about Reader Burnout and where it might come from. You can see the full link to my Discussion posts HERE.

  • I finally finish up with my first year of work. I'm so proud of myself for making it through this year since I legit wanted to quit about a month in.
  • I have two weddings I'll be attending this month: One that my husbanator is in.
  • I'll also be showing some friends around my home for a couple days and I get to see my family
  • I'm seriously crossing my fingers that I'll get some good reading done this month.
  • I also hope to finish up the Harry Potter Audiobooks this month.

How was everyone's May?
Please say better than mine!

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