Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Bibliophile’s Trip Around the World

It’s a great guide and resource for avid readers is a map that displays the most-used settings from classic and contemporary novels, and why each is worth visiting the travel-enthused bibliophile!

With summer right around the corner, you may already have your travels planned or you might be looking for that perfect place that prompts you to book a flight ASAP.

Well, Invaluable put together a visual of some of the most-used global locations in literature, the perfect travel guide for avid readers. It includes everything from the vibrant city of London which sets the stage for a host of classic novels like The Picture of Dorian Gray to the bustling streets of New York City, home to The Great Gatsby and Invisible Man. As well as Argentina, New York, and London which have been inspiring writers for decades and have a ton of literature-worthy sites to see.

Use it as inspiration to set up your next trip, or as a reminder to pick up your favorite classics and transport yourself to where each takes place as you read.

Isn't this just the coolest? 
Any place you definitely want to travel to now that you hadn't thought to before?

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