Friday, May 31, 2019

Reader Burnout

My goal for this year was to start doing discussion posts more regularly. This month I wanted to discuss reader burnout. When looking up different information about this topic most posts are on how to avoid it happening and not necessarily on how it happens.

What is reader burnout?

Well, the definition of burnout for a person is the exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.

Based off multiple posts from people on book readers sites reader burnout is when you just aren't feeling like reading. Every time you go pick up a book that you thought you'd like you either get a headache, or find something else to do, or you just can't get into anything you read. This can occur for any length of time.

I had recently listened to a podcast by BookMarked: A YA Podcast discussing reader burnout and how to overcome it. Honestly, listening to them talk about some of the issues they were having made me feel so much better about being a reader. It had me looking at myself and my past years of reading and kind of shaking my head at myself.

One big thing they touched on was the Goodreads Reading Challenge. 

They talked about how they would set these lofty goals of reading a certain number of books and because they were so worried about reaching the number on the challenge they stopped having fun while reading.

I completely related to this. When I participated in my first reading challenge back in 2011 I set my goal to 50 and ended up reading 100. Then each year it went higher and higher and higher until last year I set m goal to 330 and ended up reading 372. Which is insane. Like at that point I was basically plowing through them at top speed without really enjoying them.

This year for a lot of reasons I lowered my Goodreads goal to 150, and I'm already almost done. I have felt so much better this year, just by lowering the number of a goal I set for myself.

Another thing they touched upon that I thought was super accurate was that there are soooo many books coming out that it's difficult to keep up with what you want to read and with what you're reading.

I know I've felt this way since I started my blog in all honesty. Before I had my blog I never struggled to keep up with how many books were coming out and when. If I saw it I bought it and then I read them super quick.

Now, with my blog and all the new books I've been exposed to I just don't have the ability to keep up with the demand like I used to. I think my issue is that I always feel like everyone else is up to date and I'm behind or that a book that everyone seems to like is what I should be reading even if it doesn't sound interesting to me. I need to start feeling more comfortable with what I'm reading versus what I think I should be reading.

Things I've done this year to avoid reader burnout:

  1. I've lowered my Goodreads reading challenge by about 200 books
  2. I've stopped buying books in general.
  3. No more one-clicking freebies
  4. Being more selective about my ARC sign-ups
  5. Not comparing what I'm reading to other readers
Have you ever felt reader burnout?
What gets you feeling burnout?
What do you do when you're feeling that way?
 What always gets you out of feeling burnout?

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