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Title: The Bachelor Auction
Author: J.C. Reed
Released: July 2, 2018
Genre: Mature New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance

The Bachelor Auction
"Out of all the stupid things I could have said and done, insulting the rich and influential guy who could make or break our business has probably topped the charts. Calling someone a creep isn’t so bad, is it?"

All is fair in love and business…

My friend’s plan is pretty simple: win the bachelor auction in a charity event and get the most influential man to sign a business deal with us. It’s a do or die situation. But plans rarely go as you would expect.

When the bids begin to take ginormous proportions, my friend can’t stop in her rush of excitement. We don’t have the money. We can’t afford him, and yet, before I can even comprehend what’s happening, we’re the highest bid.

“The bachelor” aka Tyler Becks isn’t old and ugly. He isn’t very business-like, either. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that someone with his brain and bank account can be this sexy.
He understands our cash-strapped situation and is kind enough to cancel the bid. Let us out of the contract. No hard feelings. Or so he claims.

He’s even kind enough to want to work with us. With me, in particular. I can’t refuse, even though working for him means I have to see him every day. My future depends on it.

I won't let my guard down. I won't fall for him, and particularly not now that I know he’s hiding something from me. Everything comes at a price. Even Tyler’s generosity.


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My Review:
J.C. Reed is definitely one of those authors I always decide to read. After reading her Surrender You Love series I was hooked on her books. The books are always super sexy with hot alpha-male characters that totally have you swooning. The stories are unique and hold a bit of mystery that is difficult to find after reading 300+ books a year for five years. Needless to say, The Bachelor Auction had some high expectations to live up to.

Emily and her best friend are trying to save their failing business. To do this, Emily's best friend gets them tickets to an auction to bet on a dinner date with the rich and famous Tyler Beck's. What she didn't expect was for her crazy best-friend to bet all their money and then win. When Emily convinces Tyler it was all a mistake she expects that to be that. Too bad for her one encounter has Tyler ready to win her heart.

Novellas tend to be a hit or miss for me and The Bachelor Auction was more miss than hit. The story felt rushed in every area and I didn't feel any one part got enough attention. I think this book should have been longer and gone into more detail with just about everything. There were enjoyable parts and I didn't hate it, but the story was lacking in a lot of areas that made me not review it as high as I would have for other books by this author.


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