Saturday, April 28, 2018

Comic Corner #7

Welcome to my first post in Comic Corner. I created Comic Corner to bring my love of all things comics to my blog. These posts will feature different comic type things like trailers, movie reviews, History of different characters and so on.

Well, it's been a long time since I have done any of these. I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a little while there with anything remotely mine. Anyway, I thought as my first post back in some time I would talk about the comics on my shelves.

Green Arrow:

Green Arrow has been fantastic.

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman has been amazing lately. Some books have sucked depending on the author.


Sadly, Titans sucks butt right now. I'm all up to date with the trades, but I cancelled getting them as of a couple weeks ago. They just feel very lack luster.

Doomsday Clock:

Oh my goodness Doomsday Clock has been absolutely amazing. A definite must read.


I have nightmares after reading these. Evil Batman's are beyond scary.

Captain America: Steve Rogers:
After all the problems with Secret Empire, I'm happy to have my loveable Cap back.

Falcon is a real let down lately. I hope it picks up and starts not sucking anymore.

Black Panther:
I haven't started this yet, but I'm very excited.

Any comics have been amazing.

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