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DROPPING IN Blog Tour - Excerpt Post

Today, we have the blog tour for Carrie Quest's DROPPING IN! Check it and the free prequel-out today and grab your copy!

Title: Dropping In

Series: A Snow-Crossed Lovers Novel

Release Date: February 8th

About Dropping In:

Natalie Berensen has one short summer to ace her writing class and convince her parents she's not a hopeless screw-up. No more changing her major once a month, taking time off to travel, or random friends-with-benefits. She doesn't have time for distractions or hook-ups, not even if her longtime crush is in town for the summer and living in her basement. Who cares if he's a snowboarding god with six pack abs and a hashtag devoted to his apparently magical penis? She's not interested.

Until she is.

Ben Easton's focus and self-discipline is legendary. He's built a career as a professional snowboarder by training harder than anyone else on the mountain and steering clear of anything that doesn't take him one step closer to his goal: Olympic gold. Then his best friend crashes in the half-pipe and Ben drops everything to take care of him. No more training. No more competitions. No more snowboarding. It's over.

He's back in Boulder to help with Adam's rehab, not fool around with his little sister's best friend, no matter how much he loves her laugh or the way her ass looks when she walks up the stairs. There's no way in hell he's going anywhere near Natalie.

Until he does.

Contains: a grumpy guard cat with a taste for blood, discussions of Ents as phallic symbols, and plenty of sexy times.

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He stops in front of our house, pulling me to the edge of the sidewalk, and stares into my eyes. His face is serious, his expression searching, and when he brings one finger up to trace the line of my cheekbone, I have to force myself not to look away. Because I feel like I’m being seen for the first time.
It’s terrifying, but then I notice the softness in his eyes and the lazy curve of his lips as he smiles. He’s not judging, not secretly wishing I had a smaller ass or a stronger work ethic or friends who don’t drive bartenders to drink with disgusting stories. He’s just standing there, appreciating me. Liking me.
Maybe even starting to love me.
“You’re gorgeous,” he whispers. “Inside and out. Everywhere.” His hand moves to cradle the back of my head, guiding my lips to meet his for a tender kiss.
He sighs when we break apart. His hands drop to my waist, pulling me tight against him, and I reach up to put my arms around his neck.
“I want you,” he says. His voice is low and raspy, and I can feel his hardness against my belly. “So much. But we don’t have to do this tonight.”
“What? Why not?” Is he kidding?
He waves his hand back toward the Hill. “I should take you out, just the two of us, not drag you away from your friends like I’m a fucking caveman who can’t keep his dick in his pants.”
“Tunic,” I say idly. I run my thumbs along the soft hair at the back of his neck and he shivers.
“I’m pretty sure cavemen wore tunics.” I plant a kiss on his neck, right above the collar of his t-shirt. He smells like soap and cedar and clean male skin.
“Tunics, huh?” I feel the rumble of his voice on my lips. “Easy access. Convenient.”
“Or maybe fur muumuus? I don’t know.” I feel him shake with laughter and step back so I can look into his eyes. “I don’t need a special dinner or a night of romance, Ben. I’m not that girl.”
The smile he flashes is so quick that it’s gone by the time I reach up to kiss his dimple. “Maybe I’m that guy,” he says. “At least when I’m with you.”
Good. God. Damn.
I’m melting like the frickin’ Wicked Witch of the West after Dorothy gave her a forced ice bucket challenge. If he doesn’t stop talking, like, now, I’m going to be a puddle of goo on the Boulder sidewalk.
“I love that,” I say. And I think I kind of love you. “But do you think you can be that guy tomorrow? Because tonight I’d really like you to be the caveman who drags me to his new bed and has his wicked way with me.”
He tilts his head and pretends to think for about three seconds. “Yeah, I could do that.”

Out Now:

Title: Bailing Out

Series: A Snow-Crossed Lovers Novella

About Bailing Out:

Gabriel Power came to Sochi with two goals: win a medal and track down his ex-girlfriend so he can finally explain the truth about the scandal that came between them. Once that's done, he's going to disappear. Snowboarding's bad boy is tired of the phony photo ops set up by his media mogul father. Getting hounded by reporters and pretending to date supermodels while running errands for Power News cost him the only girl he's ever loved, and now it's time to walk away.

Quitting his father will be easy. Bailing on snowboarding will be slightly harder. Getting Belle to forgive him may be impossible, but he has to try.

Isabelle Garland's Olympic dream died the night a drunk driver plowed into her car and crushed her leg. Sochi was supposed to be her moment of glory, but instead she's limping around the Village trying to dodge the snowboarder who broke her heart and avoid the interviews her pushy sister-slash-manager insists are vital for building her brand. Belle doesn't want a brand, she wants a life. Preferably one far away from the rude reporters who keep trying to get America's Skating Sweetheart to cry on camera by asking how it feels when

your entire life is snatched away in an instant.

(Spoiler: it feels like s***. Also, she's more snark than sweet these days.)

When she runs into Gabe in the basement of her hotel, Belle's first instinct is to flee. Too bad they're trapped in a freezing storage room together with no way out and only their chemistry to keep them warm…

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Coming Soon:

Title: Wiping Out

Series: A Snow-Crossed Lovers Novel

Release Date: March 8th

About Wiping Out:

Piper Easton is a fixer. As a teenager she took over running the house when her mom got sick, and when her snowboarder brother was injured, she found the top knee guru in town and finagled a same-day appointment. She's got an exclusive internship lined up in Europe and she'll be leaving as soon as she watches her brother Ben win a gold medal. She just has to clean up one last mess: the way her stupid heart jumps whenever her ex-boyfriend appears. She and Adam are friends now, that's it. That's all they can ever be.

But maybe a few benefits aren't out of the question. Just until their trip to the Olympics finishes and they both go their separate ways. Surely the problem will be fixed by then.

Adam Westlake had two true loves: snowboarding and Piper Easton. He lost them both and now he's broken. The scars from where they cut his skull open are no longer visible, but the traumatic brain injury means it isn't safe for him to ride again and he hasn't spoken to Piper in eighteen months. Not since he got out of the hospital and fled Colorado, terrified he wouldn't be able to resist strapping on his board when the snow started falling. He's been chasing summer around the world ever since, until a lucrative offer to report on the Olympics brings him home to face all the temptations he left behind.

He might be able to summon the willpower to stay off the mountain, but Piper?

She's irresistible.

Contains: sex as an Olympic sport, dirty dancing while wearing eye goggles, ninety-nine penis balloons, and a blowjob rudely interrupted by a devil in feline form.

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About the Author:

Carrie grew up in Vermont, spent her college years in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, and now lives in New Zealand with her husband, two smallish children, and a gaggle of very badly behaved animals. She writes love stories that will make you laugh and reads enough romance to swoon on the regular.

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