Monday, December 4, 2017

November Recap

So everyone how was your month? I am just astonished that November is over. I mean jeepers this year has gone by so quick. So much has happened and I am just very happy. My best-friend and in-laws came to our little apartment to celebrate Thanksgiving, which my husband and I made. I have to say it was a lot y husband and a lot of me making food, sharing the duties. He fixed a very big mess-up with the mac and cheese so I couldn't be happier I have him. His turkey was the bomb diggity. In other news we got a puppy. Legit we got a puppy. He's adorable and a rescue and so sassy it's adorable. He's been coming out of shell more and more and he's just been the best. Other than that it's just been

I hope everyone has had a great November. I'm very excited for December, despite the fact this month is most likely going to be crazy busy.

Nonbookish Stuff

 My amazing husband and I made Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, homemade pie and all the fixings. Very proud!

Soooo, in other big news my husband and I got a puppy. Although after living with him all month it's more like Speedy(our first puppy) got a puppy. Rocket our new puppy and yes named after Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy is our happy new rescue pup!

Song of the Month: Legend Has It by Run the Jewels. This song is from the Black Panther trailer and after my husband found the video I've been hooked all month long.

Bookish Stuff:

Favorite Book(s) of the Month

Hello Forever (Hello Goodbye #2) by Sarina Bowen & Nealy Wagner

Book(s) That Surprised Me:
Endless (The Violet Eden Chapters #4) by Jessica Shirvington

Reading Challenges:

TBR: Read 20 books on my TBR pile list
Binge #1: Finish Random Pile #1
Binge #2: Finish Open Series
Binge #3: Finish my Random Pile #2
Harry Potter series
NetGalley: Raise goal to "suggested 80%"
Review Requests outside of websites: Read 10
Read over 72,110 pages
Working on my writing

Challenge that I finished this month:
TBR: Completed
Binge #1: Read 0 books: 4 books left
Binge #2: Read 0 books: 4 books left
Binge #3: Read 2 book, 2 books left
Harry Potter series: 0 books read this month: 4 books left
NetGalley: Number currently 59%
Review Requests outside of websites read 10: Read 0 books out of 10
Pages to Read: 70,613read:  pages left: 2,242
Writing: Wrote none: half a notebook left

Last year I had a goal to binge read through authors and books. The idea was to group a bunch of books together and binge read them like a Netflix show.

I started off this month on a good roll and then stressful events came about and it was pretty much a waste of the rest of the month. Will hopefully finish up at least two of my reading challenges by the end of the year.

Random Binge #1: 

Random Binge #2

End of Series Binge: I finished the Violet Eden series. It was beyond amazing to say the least. I was sad to see the characters go, but they will live forever in my heart and on my bookshelf.

Harry Potter Binge: I have started Goblet of Fire. Work has been super hectic so it's been difficult to pick it up when I only have 4 hours to do everything I need to do before going to bed. I will be getting to it in December.

December is here and sadly if anything things are picking up more and I have soo much to do. Holiday shopping, planning a trip back to see the family for the holiday's, working and everything that entails, internship projects, reading challenges and the biggest duty of them all: Seeing Star Wars.

Books I'm Excited For:


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