Monday, November 6, 2017

Missing September and October Recap

Well hello everyone! I know I didn't do a recap of September so I am now here to explain where I've been and what happened in the gloomy time of that month. So at the end of August, I had started my internship and I was receiving training and meeting everyone. Then my program decided to not allow me to have said internship and I got let go. I was pretty devastated, to say the least, and kind of spent the month of September at home feeling sorry for myself. I was not in a good way at all. I won't go into all the saddening details, but I wasn't good company. Anway, I was determined to finish my internship and after some help from the higher-ups from the school, I got the support I needed to go look for a new internship. Now, two months later I have an internship and I started at the beginning of October. I am loving every second and I am finally becoming me again. It's been a long hard journey, but I am getting better every day. So, without further ado here is my month of October recap.

Nonbookish Stuff:
I got a haircut for my new job! Yes, I finally am on my way to finishing my degree and I'm looking fabulous while doing it!

Song of the Month:
This song pretty much sums up my feelings for September and I just adore the message this song has.

Bookish Stuff:

Favorite Book(s) of the Month:
By Your Side by Kasie West was definitely a favorite of mine this month. Honestly, I put off reading her books for a long time because I stereotyped the type of books she writes and assumed I wouldn't like them. I was totally wrong and I am so glad for it because Kasie West writes some amazing books that have an emotional depth that many books lack sometimes.

Book(s) that Surprised Me:
Other (Other #1) by Karen Kincy and Bad for Her (Bad Boys Gone Good #1) by Christi Barth were two books that took me completely by surprise for different reasons. Others when reading the story, it was nothing like I expected it to be. The story and the blurb seem to be unrelated so that was a big surprise for me. Bad for Her was...disappointing in almost every way and I was super sad about that. The story lacked a depth or any real sexiness I thought would come from this book.

Reading Challenges:
TBR: Read 20 books on my TBR pile list
Binge #1: Finish Random Pile #1
Binge #2: Finish Open Series
Binge #3: Finish my Random Pile #2
Harry Potter series
NetGalley: Raise goal to "suggested 80%"
Review Requests outside of websites: Read 10
Read over 72,110 pages
Working on my writing

Challenge that I finished this month:
TBR: Completed
Binge #1: Read 0 books: 4 books left
Binge #2: Read 0 books: 4 books left
Binge #3: Read 0 book, 4 books left
Harry Potter series: 0 books read this month: 4 books left
NetGalley: Number currently 61%
Review Requests outside of websites read 10: Read 0 books out of 10
Pages to Read: read: 66,234 pages left: 6,530
Writing: Wrote none: half a notebook left

Last year I had a goal to binge read through authors and books. The idea was to group a bunch of books together and binge read them like a Netflix show. I got no books read for these challenges the last two months. September was a bust because I was feeling sorry for myself and October I started a new job and am out of the house for over 14 hours a day.

Binge #1:

Binge #2

Binge #3

Binge #4


A major goal for me this month is to complete at least one and a half of the reading challenges I have left and to get my notebook written up. I am planning a schedule that will get both my binge readings done as well as get my Netgalley percentage up again to where I want it to be. I'm hoping this will help keep me on task for the rest of the year.

Books I'm Excited for in November:
Both of these books were supposed to come out multiple times this year and I have been climbing the walls to get a copy. I am a little skeptical that these will be released this month due to the constant back and forth of them being pulled from release, but if they are going to be released this month I am going to be having a major book hangover at work because I am going to binge the crap out of these two books.

End of the Year Goals:

The big end of the year plans is to complete all my open series. Yes I mean ALL of them I have started and own the copies of the final books I plan to complete them. This list both includes the books I have for the binge reading the challenge and Damaged #3 by H.M. Ward, The Arrangement #23 by H.M. Ward, The Player by Kresley Cole, and a few others. I really want to start the 2018 year fresh and having the time to start new series instead of putting the new ones off because I haven't finished any in a long time.

Hope everyone had a great October! I know I did. How was everyone's month? What were your favorite reads?

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