Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cover Reveal Packet for White Space by JC Santo

White Space

Book One of the Creative Strategy Series

Author: J.C. Santo

Expected Release Date: 6/24/2017

Cover Designer: T.E. Black with T.E. Black Designs

White Space: (advertising term). n. Unoccupied parts of a print advertisement, including between blocks of type, illustrations, headlines, etc.

Molly Grace’s world has come crashing down around her when she finds her husband cheating on her. With her personal life falling apart, she decides she needs to make some drastic changes and takes her best friend up on the offer to move in with her. Now in a new city, starting a new job, she is looking to begin a new chapter in her life. What she was not expecting though, was Noah Callum or her attraction to him. She doesn’t want to fall for anyone again, but Noah is making it hard to stick to her guns.

Noah Callum is an advertising executive, and for the past nine years, he has been more worried about climbing the corporate ladder and taking care of his little sister than having a relationship. Plus he does not mix business with pleasure, but his best friend and business partner’s new secretary, Molly makes him question everything, including his own rules. She is a breath of fresh air and he wants her.

Can Noah teach Molly that she is someone worthy of love? Can Molly show Noah that there is more to life than his career?

In the white space is a world of possibilities. 

Navy Love Series


 I'm a southern girl, born and raised in Texas, until my husband enlisted in the Navy and we were relocated to Virginia. I'm a stay at home mom to three boys, so my days are pretty packed. When I'm not reading or chasing around kiddos, I'm on my computer writing. 

I have a weakness for cupcakes and tattoos. My two addictions other than my handsome boys.


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