Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Starstruck Holidays Box Set - Release Blast

Heat up your holidays with four out of this world, MM sci-fi romance novellas from five bestselling authors.
Available Dec 13th – Starstruck Holidays Anthology
Title: Starstruck Holidays
Anthology Authors: Jennifer Loring, B. Leslie Tirrell, Merryn Dexter, Kerry Adrienne and Lia Davis
Genre: MM Sci-Fi Holiday Romance
Release Date: December 13, 2016
Format: Digital
From Jennifer Loring: NO ONE ON EARTH ~ Erukkass has located his deceased lover in another dimension and refuses to leave without him. Jon, grieving a devastating loss, turns to the native legend of Handsome Fellow for comfort. When he and Erukkass meet, can they forge a future together, or will two timelines that have always intersected, no matter when or where, finally be forced to diverge?   

From Merryn Dexter: CONJUNCTION ~ The mystical Conjunction of the moons of Elexon sets two men on a collision course. A pirate and a prince — nothing in common but the attraction burning between them. What starts as a fling soon grows serious, but a relationship built on a foundation of secrets and constructed from lies is no relationship at all.

From B. Leslie Tirrell: ARIZONA IMPULSE ~ Ambassador Kallell Tezak, the youngest member of the Galaxy Alliance, overhears two of his fellow ambassadors conspiring to take control of the device that protects the galaxy from famine. Kallell knows it is his duty to stop them, but he also wants to enjoy his favorite holiday, Genzebe. Kallell might even summon the bravery to confess his love for the shy and serious Esten Lazzaro—his second in command.

From Kerry Adrienne and Lia Davis: FIRST CONTACT ~ Fugitive Tristan Hawthorne escapes imprisonment only to crash-land on an unidentified, uncharted planet where he faces an alien who stirs passions he thought were long buried. With one working ship and a failing planetary cloaking device, it’s a short time till humans discover Oria and Tristan is recaptured. Under the starry, moonlit sky of the holiday Jainfest, the men learn to overcome their feelings of fear and distrust, and wind up finding out they aren’t so different after all.
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Arizona Impulse by B. Leslie Tirrell
Esten hated to see his boss in such tense mood. Getting lost hadn’t helped matters, and whatever Ambassadors Tarquinius and Lovaye said or did made the man’s mood much worse. He put a hand to Ambassador Tezak’s arm and tried not to pay close attention to the well-formed muscles under the velvety robe. “Will you tell me?”
“Yeah,” Kallell lowered his voice. “I need you to contact the lab back home and get a vial of ghislaine.”
“Are you—?” Esten began and then remembered his place. Almost. Ghislaine was the most potent neurotoxin in existence. An entire vial killed anyone of any species within two minutes and it was only traceable with specialized equipment. What was Ambassador Tezak asking him exactly? “Why?”
Kallell took a deep breath. “In case the Ileri really is under threat.”
“Was it them?” Esten nodded toward the direction of the other ambassadors.
“The less you know the better, Es,” Kallell said. He took out his key to the Ileri. “Hold on to that.”
Esten put the key out of sight. This was no time for formality. “Kallell? This is serious. I can take care of it, if that’s what you’re asking me to do.”
“I’m not asking you, and I’m not telling you. Just—just let me handle this, all right?”
Esten squeezed Kallell’s shoulder and sent a brief prayer to the Ancient Ones that his boss’s actions wouldn’t force Esten to have to kill him. Kallell meant more to him than just any young man he’d grown up with and served. Esten loved him. Wanted to love him in every sense of the word, but it wouldn’t be right. Esten had also been born with the Caul of the Ancients, but he was just a common man while Kallell was practically royalty. He was wrong to even think of Ambassador Tezak this way. He took a deep breath. As always, he’d show his love for his boss in obedience. “This is…right. I’ll get the ghislaine. A whole vial.”
“Thanks. See you in a bit,” Kallell said and took off on the hoverboard.

Esten watched him leave and wished he had the courage to admit his feelings for his boss. Most Kyrian thought Kallell looked like a monster due to his albinism. Esten thought he was beautiful. Especially when Kallell lowered his guard and showed his personality, which was warm, funny, and sweet spirited. He’d have to tell his boss how he felt. Soon. If whatever he had planned for the ghislaine didn’t go well, Esten wouldn’t kill him until he told Kallell everything he felt for him.

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