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Fighting for Phoebe Blog Tour - Excerpt Post


Title: Fighting for Phoebe
Author: Jennifer Ann
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Day: November 28, 2017
Blog Tour: November 29 - December 12

About Fighting for Phoebe
Jace Daniels is undeniably sexy.

I mean who doesn’t like the muscular, tattooed type who’s all mysterious and brooding? But he’s on the run from something dangerous, and I have enough of my own problems.

My existence has revolved around deception for as long as I can remember. Sometimes lying is like a damn I’ve been exposed to since birth. And as many times as I’ve dreamed about running away, my mother’s grasp on me runs deep.

Phoebe Carson is hot as hell.

She’s not just gorgeous, but quirky and a lot of fun. Even though I can’t afford to get involved with anyone, I feel a need to protect her from her psychotic ex.

After a failed attempt to expose the truth about a fellow Marine’s disappearance, running was my only option. I don’t know how much time I have until they’ll arrest me, but I’m determined to make things right.

When their paths collide, the passion is so explosive that neither of them can walk away. But once the truth unravels, proving it’s more than fate that brought them together, will Jace still decide she’s worth fighting for?
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“Phoebe's, did you hear me?” Kory asks, snapping a ratty old towel my way. When his blue eyes follow my gaze to the hot guy disappearing down the dimly lit hallway, Kory releases one of his howling laughs that always makes me adore him a little more. “Put your tongue in your mouth. You’re going to scare the poor guy away.”
“What the shit?” I whisper back, leaning closer to Kory. “Who is he? Where the hell did he come from? My wildest fantasies?”
Throwing the towel over his wide shoulder, Kory settles back against the pull-tab containers and shrugs. “Don’t know. He showed up a few minutes after I opened and he hasn’t said much except to order a few—”
“Captain and Cokes,” I finish. “Believe me, I know. I’ve been secretly watching him ever since I walked in.”
“You might want to work on your stealth mode,” he says with another cruel laugh. “You can tell it’s been awhile since you’ve been interested in someone. You’re rusty as shit.”
“Whatever. Suppose you could do your favorite patron-slash-old-classmate a solid and help me find a way to interact with him? He’s so quiet that I’m afraid if I open my big mouth and do my usual blabbering thing, he’ll bolt.”
Kory glances toward the bathroom uneasily. “He seems pretty content on keeping to himself.”
The front door suddenly squeaks on its rusty hinges, followed by the sounds of shuffling feet.
“Would you look at that, boy's?” a familiar voice roars from the entrance. “It’s our lucky night!”
Turning in my seat, I cringe with the sight of my ex and his wild pack of morons entering.
The last few months have been blissfully quiet since he only ever used to set foot in this bar when we were together. Decker’s not the type to belly up and chat with the locals, because that would require social skills beyond trash talk. His idea of a good time involves beers, campfires, and emptying live ammunition in the woods behind his house.
“I’ve been looking all over fucking town for you,” he tells me with a little hiss. His nostrils flare as something dark passes through his gaze. “The two of us need to have ourselves a chat.”
Though I’m rolling my eyes to the ceiling, I inwardly brace myself for what he has to say.
“Go home, Decker,” Kory warns, squaring his shoulders and jutting out his chin. My loyal friend isn’t a small guy by any means and was a force to be reckoned with on our high school football team. But since he’s become a daddy? Soft as a teddy bear. “I’m not going to serve you guys when you’re obviously loaded already.”
“Who said anything about drinking?” Decker replies with a nasty sneer. “Maybe we just wanted to stop by and play a game of pool.” He begins to slink my way with his buddies hot on his heels.
This crew has the good ol’ country boy who’s served occasional jail time look down to a science. Tall and beefy with shaggy hair, fleet store jeans, flannel shirt, and several hundred dollar work boots. There’s even a chunk of chew bulging from most of their bottom lips. The memory of kissing Decker sends a shiver rippling down my spine. Whenever he was drunk, it was like making out with a fish. Cold and disgustingly wet.
How did I ever agree to have sex with someone so vile? In my defense, alcohol.

About Jennifer Ann
Jennifer Ann is the pen name used by Jen Naumann when writing steamy romance novels with complex love stories. Like her characters, she's in love with the city of New York, rock concerts, and Marines. Sometimes you can catch her driving a tractor alongside her husband in southern Minnesota while trying to keep up with the madness of their four active children.

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