Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Recap

December has definitely had more ups than down which is awesome since it seemed I didn't have one up since October started. I went through finals and may or may not have cried a whole lot before school let out. Despite all that I celebrated my 24th birthday! My husband got interview offers from two of his top schools for January and February. I got to come home and have been relaxing ever since.

December Favorites:
The Fixer was AMAZING! If you are looking for an amazing book to read into the coming year this one will definitely set the tone for an amazing reading year!

December Book(s) that Surprised Me:
I honestly thought this book was going to stink, but it was awesome!!!

Book Crush of the Month:

Levi Wren from The Fixer by Helenkay Dimon. He's super hunky but also quirky in almost every sociable way.

Favorite Song of the Month:
Love this song so much!

Reading Challenges:
TBR: Read 20 books on my tbr pile list
Binge #1: Finsih JLA books
Binge #2: Finish open series
Binge #3: Finish my 'Random Pile' list

Reding Goals:
Netgalley: Raise goal to "suggested 80%"
Review Requests outside of websites: Read 10
Read over 67,380 pages

Personal Goals:
Try and relax more.
Type up my writings

Reading Challenges:
TBR: Completed
Binge #1: Completed
Binge #2 Open Series: Finished
Binge #3 Random Pile: Finished 0

Reading Goals:
Netgalley: I have raised my %age from 71 to 73%
Review Requests: 1 out of 10
Read 72,136 (GOAL COMPLETED!)

Personal Goals:
I have been relaxing since school let out. The most stressful day I've had was going bathing suit shopping so have to say this have been a great month.

I have gotten some writing done finally too!!

I finished 3 books towards my reading goal this month.

Sadly this reading challenge has been a little harder than I originally thought and I have yet to finish any this month.

January Books I'm Excited For:


I am going to on a cruise until January 9th and then will spend two days touring around:

with my husband and grandmother-in-law. I'm definitely looking forward to relaxing for the beginning on the month. After I get back school starts up again(sadly) and I'll be starting my final semester before I begin looking for internships.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and got lots of goodies!!!

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