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Book Blast Info for LAWS OF SEDUCTION Series by Ava Hayworth

If you are a fan of Fifty Shades, this scorching workplace drama is a must-read.

Laws of Seduction #1
Ava Hayworth

The Laws of Seduction series featuring Lainey and James, two people who have to put their pasts behind them and learn to take risks.

Readers should be warned that this story is intensely romantic, deeply seductive, and beyond addictive. If you are a fan of Fifty Shades, this scorching workplace drama is a must-read.

I am not the typeof girl to sleep around, so it is a shock when I come face to face with my one and only one-night stand on my first day at my new job as a junior associate at one of Manhattan’s biggest law firms. It turns out that my one-night stand has a reputation as a player and is one of the biggest commitment-phobes on the island. Not to mention the fact that he only has to snap his fingers and women fall at his feet. Can I forget about the sexiest night of my life and keep my professional mask in place? This is just the start of my problems in dealing with the complex office politics and my exploding passion for James.

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Laws of Seduction #2
Ava Hayworth

The story of Lainey and James continues in the second book in the Laws of Seduction series. Will the secrets from their pasts and forces beyond their control continue to drive them apart? Hold on to your seats, readers, as this scorching workplace drama unfolds

My job as a junior associate at one of Manhattan’s largest law firms couldn’t be going better. It’s my personal life that keeps me off balance. I thought James and I were off to a fresh start, but he continues to blow hot one moment and cold the next. James works closely with a beautiful senior associate from our firm. Seeing them together every day makes my doubts grow. What is really going on between them? Is he worth it? Maybe I should give my summer fling Davis another chance, or were things really that bad with my ex-boyfriend Mark? He says he wants me back. Can I resist the seductive allure of James McAllister, or am I just kidding myself?

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Laws of Seduction #3
Ava Hayworth

Lainey opens up to James about her past. Is keeping their relationship a secret ultimately going to tear them apart? Can they learn to trust before it is too late?

James comes from wealth, a lot of wealth. I don’t know if I can fit into his world. His family hates me because I am not one of them. It is not only his family. My brother still blames James for his girlfriend’s death. The arson in my office remains unsolved, and I am beginning to receive other threats. Are they from one of the women obsessed with James or could it be someone else?

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Laws of Seduction #4
Ava Hayworth

Read the exciting conclusion to the story of James and Lainey.

Contemporary romance writer, Ava Hayworth, pulls out all the stops in this breathtaking saga.
I understand that James wants to protect me and keep me safe, but he goes about it the wrong way. I can’t live a life where the man I love shuts me out. I long for James to share his problems with me so that we can work together as a team. Will he ever learn that he can trust me?

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“This won’t take long.” He pulls me close, and turning, he presses me up against the door. His mouth swoops down and covers mine in a blazing kiss. I resist the urge to respond in kind and shake him off. Putting my hands on his chest, I push him back. He steps back, and, with his breathing labored, he stares down at me.
I take in the firm set of his jaw and his flashing eyes and realize that he is angry, really angry. “What is the matter with you?”
He scoffs, “Don’t play dumb with me, Lainey.  We both know perfectly well what you were doing out there. Are you sleeping with him?” The power of speech deserts me as outrage floods every pore of my being. “Well, are you?” he snaps.
“Who are you talking about? Davis?” I struggle to keep my voice steady.
“Of course, Davis, unless you have another date hidden in your pocket,”he chides snidely as he rakes his eyes down my body.

James is not touching me, but his gaze alone sears me more than a touch from any other man. This fact enrages me further. I wish the door behind me wasn’t preventing me from stepping back and gaining some distance from him. “That is none of your business. What kind of dog in the manger behavior is this, James? You don’t want me, but nobody else can have me either? Is that it?”

Ava Hayworth is grateful to be doing what she loves best –writing full time! She has been a voracious romance reader for as long as she can remember, and nothing makes her happier than plotting the love lives of the characters she creates. After living and working in New York City, Ava moved with her family, which includes a husband, two kids and a cat, to Berlin, Germany. When she is not writing, she tries to soak up as much German language and culture as she can.

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