Thursday, February 18, 2016

TBR Review: Stolen Night by Rebecca Maizel

Stolen Nights
Vampire Queen #2
Paperback, 320 pages
Published by St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: January 29th 2013

A new year is beginning at Wickham Boarding School. A new chance at life, at reversing the evil in my past. But nothing is ever as simple it seems...

Last year, the love of my life died performing a ritual to fulfill my one wish and make me human. And now I’ve performed the same ritual for my friend Vicken – and survived. Why am I here, back safe on Wickham campus?

The strong magic I used in the ritual did more than just make Vicken human. It drew someone to Lover’s Bay who does not belong here. She wants the ritual. Then she wants me dead. And she will take down any and everyone in my life to get what she wants.

As if that weren’t enough, the ritual has also summoned the anger of the Aeris, the four elements and most fundamental powers on earth. They have a surprise and an unbearable punishment for me – like stepping into the sun for the first time, only to be put into a cage. And now I have to make an impossible choice – between love or life, yearning or having, present or past…

Reese's Reviews:
To say waiting three years for this book to be released was a complete and total let down would be the understatement of a lifetime. Okay maybe not that bad, but close.

Rhode is back and now Lenah is fighting with everything she has to be with him again, but he doesn’t want anything to do with her. After being told that they need to choose to stay in the modern world and never be together again or go back to their time and never know each other Lenah chooses to stay and fight a evil equal to her own. Justin and Lenah are on the fritz and Rhode and Lenah can’t be together it’s a complete mess. Lenah is trying to stop the powerful vampire Odette, a vampire Lenah made. They’re in danger and it will take all of them including Vicken the best character in this whole book.

Lenah does a lot of butt kicking in this book and also a lot of getting her butt kicked. I honestly felt Lenah wasn’t the same bad momma character we got in the first book and became a more watered down version. She wasn’t as cunning or level headed as she was in the first book. It’s obvious in this book that Lenah and Rhode belong together and that Justin was just a filler boyfriend, which sucked since I liked him.

Sadly what they do to Justin in this story makes me seriously sad. I honestly felt it was just to make sure Lenah ended up with Rhode, which sucked. I am now wishing we hadn’t been introduced to Justin at all because now his character just makes me sad.

The story was alright, the writing was really well done, but it does not take away from the utter fail that is this book.

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