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ARC Review: Silver Mirrors by A.A. Aguirre

Silver Mirrors
Apparatus Infernum #2
ARC 325 pages
Published by Ace
Release Date: April 29th 2014

Criminal Investigation Division inspectors Janus Mikani and Celeste Ritsuko were lucky to make it out of their last mission alive. Since then, strange troubles have plagued the city of steam and shadows, apparently as a result of magic released during the CID inspectors’ desperate interruption of an ancient ritual. The fabric of the world has been unsettled, and the Council has assigned Mikani and Ritsuko to investigate.

They soon discover that matters are worse than they imagined. Machines have developed minds of their own, cragger pirates are raiding the seas with relentless aggression, and mad elementals are running amok. As the chaos builds to a crescendo, Mikani and Ritsuko must fight a war on two fronts—and this time, they may not be able to turn the deadly tide….
Reese's Review:
I received a copy of Silver Mirrors for an honest review.

I won this book in an ARC giveaway about a year ago and I was a little put off by the cover. Seriously the cover I got was a pukish mint green color with the words Silver Mirrors on it. Definitely not sexy and I am sad to say I may have judged the book by it’s ugly cover. I didn’t have the first book so I went and bought it and let them sit in purgatory forever. Anyway I put the books on my challenge and have now officially read them and they were amazing. 

Silver Mirrors picks up almost immediately after Bronze Gods. Celeste was injured in the blast and is now recovering. Janus is trying to get his feeling in check for his partner and they are both trying to figure out who set up the string of murders that happened in the last book. Janus and Celeste are trying to tie the money back to one of the wealthy houses, but first they have to deal with all the crazy supernatural stuff that’s been going on since the release of power in the tunnels. Trees are acting up, the water is more dangerous than ever, and the Mirrors that send messages are acting up. The Architect is sending them away to find the root of them problem. Teaming up with Janus’ ex-girlfriends crew they set sail to save the world, again.

Silver Mirrors was even better than Bronze Gods if that is even possible. Celeste is such a major bad ass in Bronze Gods and totally makes herself even more of one in Silver Mirrors. She is the bomb. She falls down cliffs, gets lit on fire, climbs up ships and kicks some major bootay. I seriously love Celeste. I think she’s really had a lot of character development throughout the series and I just couldn’t help but find her amazing.

Janus is a given that I would like him. He’s quirky and funny and he also kicks major butt. He almost loses his mind any time something happens to Celeste and it shows how much he feels for her and needs her in his life. The two of them together are an unstoppable force and I love watching them interact with each other.

Silver Mirrors is jammed packed with action and danger. I honestly could not put this book down and was reading it during one of our schools presentations because it was that good. 

Way to go A.A. Aguirre. I honestly hope there is a third book because the way they left it definitely leaves room for one. Can’t wait!

A.A. Aguirre is the pseudonym for Ann Aguirre & Andres Aguirre, a husband-wife writing team. She specializes in compelling characters; he excels at meticulous worldbuilding. By day, she's a bestselling novelist, and he is a pharmaceuticals tycoon.

Born in Mexico, Andres spent his early years traveling and getting in trouble everywhere else. Along the way, he got a degree from Pepperdine in economics and international business. Ann was born in the Midwest and has a degree in English Literature from Ball State.&

Now settled, if not fully domesticated, Andres lives with his love, Ann, their fantastic kids, two whiny cats, and a wistful dog.

Together, they form Megatron. Or not. Actually, they write books.

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