Saturday, January 23, 2016

Discussion: How do you buy books?

I've been doing some thinking about book buying lately and how my book buying has changed over time. I used to buy books in bulk if I could meaning I would buy all the books in the whole series before even reading the first book. Then I would run into the problem of reading the first and maybe the second book and realize I didn't end up liking the book all that much. I ran into the problem of having all the books and not liking them, but feeling pressure to read them anyway. Sometimes I would read them other times I wouldn't. Now I've stopped buying more than the first book, but when I go to the store I constantly want to buy the sequels even though I know I shouldn't and don't have the best luck with that.

So my question is: how do you buy your books? In bulk? One-by-one? If you like the first one and the others are out do you grab those? What's your method to buying books? What do you do if you have the whole series but end up not liking the books?

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