Saturday, December 12, 2015

ARC Review: Reap by Tillie Cole

Scarred Souls #2
Kindle Edition
Published by St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: November 10th 2015

Raised as a prototype for the Georgian Bratva's obedience drug, 221 fails to think, act or live for himself; his master's perfectly-crafted killing puppet. Standing at six foot six, weighing two-hundred and fifty pounds, and unrivaled in to-the-death combat, 221 successfully secures business for, the Georgian Mafiya Boss of NYC, in the dark world of the criminal underground. Until his enemies capture him.

Talia Tolstaia dreams to break from the heavy clutches of Bratva life. She dreams of another life-away from the stifling leash of her Russian Bratva Boss father and from the brutality of her work at The Dungeon--her criminal family's underground death match enterprise. But when she stumbles upon her family's captive who is more monster than man, she starts she starts to see the man underneath. A powerful, beautiful, damaged man whose heart calls to hers.

But sacrifices must be made--blood for blood... life for life... Souls for scarred souls...

Reese's Review:

Reap starts off with a bang of action and danger and left me breathless throughout entire story.

221 is a weapon, a man who is no longer anything or anyone. He can’t remember his past or who he was. He isn’t allowed to act outside the orders of his Master. He’s the ultimate killing machine, until Luka or Raze an ex weapon comes to save him. Now 221 is learning about his past and what it’s like to be human again, from Talia. Talia is a mafia princess who wants nothing to do with 221 or as she’s learning his real name Zaal. Zaal is from a rival family she is set to hate, but the longer she watches him the more connected to him she feels.

Talia is a strong independent woman. She’s been helping the family business for a long time and when she heads away for vacation, her brother brings in 221. Needless to say she’s pretty upset because seriously who disrupts a vacation like that? But she gets over her anger and hatred towards Zaal pretty quick.

I loved this whole story. Everything was so not what I expected. 221 has been abused so terribly and drugged up so much he can’t do much besides obey commands and kill. Reap follows Zaal as he discovers who he was and who he is. I loved the journey and him changing from this sort of unthinking machine to someone who trades his life for those he cares about.

Talia is so sweet and caring. She thinks something bad happened to Zaal so she checks on him, almost gets killed, and then takes care of him. I love their initial meeting with each other since Zaal is so different than any character I’ve ever read about in any story ever.

Now there are lots of sexy scenes, but I have to say it makes sense since Zaal is all muscled animalistic sex appeal and Talia loves all his sexiness. I do wish I could have gotten more from their relationship like talking, but that also made sense since Zaal wasn’t allowed to talk for the majority of his life.

I don’t know if this sounds weird but I enjoy how broken characters become so strong and caring. It makes me love the characters more when they’ve struggled and Zaal most definitely has.

Now you CAN read this as a standalone like I did, but I would suggest reading the series in order since right when I finished this story I went out and grabbed book one.

I hadn’t read Tillie Cole before this story, but I am definitely a SUPER FAN!! Tillie Cole is definitely on my love list of authors.

Seriously grab this book and hold on for the amazing ride it will take you on. There’s action, sweaty hot sexy times, strong female characters, yummy hot males, the mob. You can’t ask for more! So fabulous I am so thankful to the publishers and Netgalley for sending me a copy of this most glorious book. 

Amazon & USA Today Best Selling Author, Tillie Cole, is a Northern girl through and through. She originates from a place called Teesside on that little but awesomely sunny (okay I exaggerate) Isle called Great Britain. She was brought up surrounded by her English rose mother -- a farmer's daughter, her crazy Scottish father, a savagely sarcastic sister and a multitude of rescue animals and horses.
Being a scary blend of Scottish and English, Tillie embraces both cultures; her English heritage through her love of HP sauce and freshly made Yorkshire Puddings, and her Scottish which is mostly demonstrated by her frighteningly foul-mouthed episodes of pure rage and her much loved dirty jokes.

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