Sunday, August 2, 2015

My Wedding, My Honeymoon, and My Books

I cannot believe July is gone! I am now blogging as a married woman so go me! Anyway, this month was amazing. I got married, went to the Renaissance Faire, one of my bestest friends came and visited for the wedding, went on my honeymoon and now my husband (eep so awesome I get to say that) is recovering from his wisdom teeth being taken out. 

Here is my wedding!

The cake topper is a personalized silhouette of me holding a book while Bradley is playing guitar.

The Honeymoon:
Since I don't remember ever going to a zoo my loving hubby took me to TWO zoos on our honeymoon and a place called House on the Rock in Wisconsin.

Renaissance Faire:

On the Blog:
Number of Posts
Number of Books Read
Number of Reviews

Reading Challenges:
My goal to binge read on: Anne Aguirre, JLA, and end of series books has been....a slow battle that I now have to put on a almost hold for the most part until August.
I finished ONE book!!

Sadly I didn't get to read any from this list this month, but hopefully in August I'll be able to read when I get home.

I've gotten a lot of books from Netgalley that much like my other book shelves sometimes becomes neglected when I get to busy or by other books. I've been trying to clean up my shelf and I got a bunch of books off my shelf from Netgalley this month:

Best Book of the Month:
Jay Crownover is the bomb and I seriously love this series and Titus was yummy!!

What book Surprised Me
I thought this would be a book only about the sexy times, but it really had the bestest book ever!!!!

Book Crush of the Month:

Song of the Month

Books I'm Excited for in August

What's up for August:
I am going home this month so that means I get to READ!!! Hopefully I'll get a bunch of books read for my reading challenges.

I am also going to a wedding and starting school so another busy month!!!

How was your month?

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