Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why Hate the Billionaire

One weekend. She says it’s over. He says it’s not. Who wins?

I’m Cassidy Delany. Bright new shiny MD. So how do I celebrate? I let myself go crazy with the hottest man I’ve ever seen. Piercing blue-gray eyes with a ripped chest and six-pack abs I could lick for a lifetime. The two of us together equals a nuclear explosion. Too bad Daniel is an arrogant billionaire prick who thinks he can just take what he wants. Sorry, buddy, but with four orphaned siblings to take care of, I don’t have the time.

Daniel Sheffield, MD. I do women; I don’t do relationships. And I always get what I want. I knew Cassidy Delany would be an amazing one-night stand with that luscious body and her smart and sassy mouth. She makes me want to buy an island where I can have her 24/7 until I get her out of my system. But I’ll never tell Cassidy she just might be the best time I ever had–– in and out of bed. She may think she walked out on me, but I’m getting her back with surgical precision. As always, this will end on my terms.

Reese's Reviews:
I received a copy of Why Hate the Billionaire for an honest review.

Cassidy has given her entire life to helping her family survive after her parents died. She has one weekend of passion with Daniel, a man she has an instant connection with, but thinks she'll never see him again. Then she finds out they work together and despite all their barriers she wants to make it work with her surgeon billionaire.

Daniel has always gotten what he's wanted, but when Cassidy walks out on him after being everything he could ever want he wants nothing more than to find her. When they see each other again at the hospital Daniel knows he has to do everything he can to make her his.

I enjoyed the ending and the majority of this story, but there was so man errors in this story with the grammar I took away from the story. I enjoyed Daniel's and Cassidy's story and can't wait for book two.


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