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Interests Outside Writing Guest Post: Four

Four By Chris Johns
Genre:  Literary Fiction
Release Date: April 30, 2015
Publisher: Three Faced Media, LLC

Book Description
What if you realized the world faced an apocalyptic future of devastation anddestruction from pollution, overpopulation and global warming... and you knew how to stop it...

What would you do? Tom Bianco is the senior biologist at Habitat Conservation Foundation, an environmental advocacy group. Through his own experiences and research reports published by the world's environmental scientists, Tom has become convinced that humans are destroying the natural world and eventually destroy themselves.

Interests Outside Writing
What to do when you’re not writing?  I would guess that writers and other artists have about a million different answers to that, just as they do on questions of style and theme.  Perhaps they are intertwined?  Those who are like Sir Philip Sydney and Ernest Hemingway head off for adventure; those like Rainer Rilke and Paul Cezanne take a very different approach.   I tend to lean to a bit of the adventure.

Leaving aside for the moment the concept and fact of a “day job” that pays the bills and supports one’s lifestyle, “what I do when not writing” has two sides.

One is more the day-to-day:  I like to hang out with friends, often with a nice bottle of wine, and great cheese to go with it never hurts, talking and catching up on our busy lives.  My cat (who, when I’m writing, likes to either traipse across my computer keyboard or just sprawl across it) is an interesting guy to hang out with in the nearby park and woods.  I also enjoy getting outside, taking walks, going on bike rides or just sitting in a park, and, to keep up on current events, reading newspapers and magazines and books on philosophy and history.  I might (might!) watch an hour or so of TV in a week.

The other, which is less day-to-day but very important to me, is travel.  I love to travel— to cities, to countryside, to remote forests and canyons.  My travels have been in the U.S. and overseas.  Over the past fifteen years or so, I’ve traveled to many cities and areas in Europe, including France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, and Austria.  I’ve also managed to get to China and Nepal, and even a day trek through some villages in the mountains of Nepal.  And in recent years have been able to spend some significant time in jungles and villages in the Amazon rainforest.  As exciting as those trips have been, there is still the thrill of exploring wilderness or a national park here in the U.S., from the Grand Canyon to the Great Smoky Mountains.

Travel energizes me.  The beauty of the different parts of the world is truly inspiring, as are the wonderful people you meet.  Every place I have been to has its inspiring beauty.  And there are so many, many places left to visit and re-visit.  Speaking of which, I have some travel planning I need to get to…

Author Bio: Chris Johns is an anonymous pen name for a writer from Milwaukee, WI.

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