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Release Date: Feb 10, 2015

RACING HEARTS (Book One) – Laura Lascarso
SHINE /Leap Books, LLC
eBook Novella
Start your engines…
Eighteen year-old Jesse Copeland learns of a local car race sponsored by his father’s nemesis, Shep Bradley, and the prize money might be enough to keep his family from losing their home – if he can win.
Brooke, Shep’s daughter, is also aiming to compete, with or without her father’s approval. She’ll do whatever it takes to persuade Jesse to make her car race ready. Both are driven, both are risk-takers, and soon it’s more than engines getting fired up. Jesse tells himself their relationship is strictly business, until it isn’t.
Can two star-crossed lovers overcome a family feud as old as Ford vs. Chevy, or will the competition become too explosive for these racing hearts?
Read deleted scene on WattPad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/lauralascarso
Reese's Review:

Jesse has lost his father and he needs money quick. His mother and sister are all he has left and working as a mechanic isn't going to save his house. When he meets Brooke he thinks she's just a girl, until he finds out her father was his fathers enemy. She's the girl who also wants to race against him.

Racing Hearts was cute I guess but i just couldn't get into the story. I am really not into mini stories anymore. Jesse and Brooke were just alright characters and the story seemed kind of unoriginal. 

While it was okay I am definitely not going to read the next book.

Rating 2.5

About the Author: Laura Lascarso strives to craft stories that are honest and real with characters who must overcome great odds. Her debut novel Counting Backwards (Atheneum 2012) won the Florida Book Award gold medal for YA literature. RACING HEARTS is Laura’s first e-series with Leap Books. She lives in North Florida with her darling husband, two children and a menagerie of animals.
Watch for Laura’s series with Shine which follows a pair of star-crossed lovers. He wants to honor his father’s legacy; she wants to prove her father wrong in this modern-day Romeo & Juliet set in the world of competitive car racing. (ETA. Fall 2015)
Visit Laura on TwitterFacebook, and her website.

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RH1 Newlywed Game

Brooke - how well do you know your dreamboat? What would Jesse pick from the following?

1. Vanilla or Strawberry? Vanilla
2. Rims or tailpipe? Tailpipe
3. Horseback riding or sailing? Horseback riding?
4. Morning or night? Morning
5. Katy Perry or Carrie Underwood? Carrie Underwood
6. Driving or riding shotgun? Riding shotgun (because I’m driving )

More right than wrong…
1. Vanilla—I know I’m boring.
2. Tailpipe
3. Neither—racing.
4. Morning
5. Carrie all the way.
6. Driving, especially when I’m with Brooke.

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