Monday, October 20, 2014

Music Monday #24: Diary of a Resurrection by Amanda Day

Music Monday is a blog review I post on my blog to change up my reviews and share some music that reminds me of the book I was just currently reading.

Book Info:
ebook 67 pages
Published by Amanda Day
Release Day: May 9th 2013

You know that saying ‘always listen you your heart’? Well I did, and look where it got me.

This is the story of how Mina met Drew. How she fell in love and then fell apart.

This is also the story of how, when she was lost in the maze of her broken heart, she found her way back.

**Diary of a Resurrection is a novella that is unsuitable for younger readers due to some of the language used.

Music Choice:
So while this song seems like a love song it's actually about cheating and not having commitment so I thought this song would be perfect.

Reese's Review:
I received a copy of Diary of a Resurrection for an honest review.

Diary of a Resurrection is the story of how Mina and Drew and their tragic love story.

Mina met Drew the first time over the phone when he ordered a pizza. They talked every night and then one day he showed up and they were something else.  As time goes by their relationship begins to grow, they begin to fall for each other, or so it seems. Soon the secrets around Drew’s life begin to create a rift between Drew and Mina.

Everything becomes complicated and soon Mina must decide what’s best for her and if love is worth the cost.

I really enjoyed the message Amanda Day entangled in this story. It seemed as if this story would be the typical story of true love, but it became so much more.

example, example, exampleI live in Cornwall in the UK, love young adult fiction, especially when magic and love are included, I day-dream excessively, live for cake, and drink tea by the bucket.

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