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Dark Deliverance Release Week Tour with Giveaway and Bad A** Excerpts!

Title: Dark Deliverance
Series: Divine Hunter #2
Author: L.J. Sealey
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release: September 30th 2014

Sometimes you just have to go to Hell and back...

Forced apart, Lacy and Michael are now living very different lives. Michael is in Kentucky fighting demons and searching for a way to save his friend but even with the help of new allies he is hitting nothing but dead ends. Faced with no other choice, Michael returns to Hell and is determined to save Evo and put an end to his enemy so he can be reunited with the woman who holds his heart.

Lacy is trying to piece her life back together in Oakland but is struggling to fill the void that is almost tearing her apart. Just as she’s about to hit rock bottom, a new friend could hold the key to reuniting her with Michael. But at what cost?

Both find themselves in less than perfect circumstances. The repercussions of which lead them to discover a new threat born of Varesh and his growing army of demons: a new weapon, and a new plan that will ultimately lead to the end of the world as they know it. Will Michael’s new power be enough to destroy Varesh and protect not only the people he cares about, but also the rest of humanity?

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Michael was anxious, now more than ever. The dead ends he was hitting all the time were a constant reminder that the longer his friend was trapped in that prison, the less chance he had of returning with his soul fully intact.
“Do you honestly think that any of us will help you? Even if we did know how to find Mathrah, you would be the last person to know. I promise you that.”
“You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep. Even the dead have their price. I’ll find out sooner or later.”
Michael reached inside his jacket and retrieved the knife from the holster by his right hip. It was the one thing that might have helped Evo in that hellhole had he taken it with him. But Michael suspected his friend had dropped it on purpose. Now he had it in his possession and it had come in handy many times since.
“Now, let me give you a little bit of a heads up as to how this is gonna go. I ask you questions and you, a, tell me to go fuck myself and I slice your demon neck with this handy little knife I have in my hand, then use this ring while chanting the words that will send you to join my friend in the worst hell that you’ve ever known. Or, b, you tell me what you know about Mathrah and I’ll just send you back to that asshole you call master where he’ll deal with your sorry ass. So what’s it gonna be? Mathrah, where you’ll be torn to shreds and your flesh burned over and over again for the rest of eternity? Or Varesh, whose punishment may not be so harsh?”
The demon laughed as it began to pace the floor in front of Michael with a slow, threatening gate that was mirrored by the other one at Michael’s back. “You think you’re so powerful don’t you? Most are wary of you because they think you’re some kind of almighty Savior. They think that you’re born from The Creator—a warrior. . . some kind of divine power who will eventually be strong enough to overthrow Varesh. But not me. Just looking at you standing before me now makes me want to end every single one of those fools who believe that. You’re nothing but a Hell’s reje–”
The gray haired man, whom the demon was using as a suit, looked at Michael in complete shock as his words were suddenly cut off. Michael had seen that very same expression a lot lately, every time he’d used his mind to silence the little bastard minions he’d been chasing over the past couple of months.

L.J. Sealey was born and raised in a little Welsh town by the sea. It rains a lot, so she often has a great excuse to sit at her writing desk and while away the hours at her laptop.

She still lives in N.Wales and when she’s not travelling around the country working with her husband – who is a professional singer – or singing backup vocals herself, she likes to read and watch her favourite TV shows which normally includes plenty of CSI, The Vampire Diaries and endless amounts of sitcoms. Being addicted to reading about vampires, demons, shifters and angels, she has always had a thing for all things paranormal and is a big sucker for impossible love stories. So it was inevitable that when she started writing herself she would mix the two together.

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