Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Binge On This...B's!

Hiya everyone!!! So I have over 300 books I haven't read.. possibly more. While that number may not seem like a lot to some because seriously we're all book readers here who all have a book hoarding problem, a proud one.

Anyway, I want to take action against this and start bringing on my books. Why? Christmas is around the corner and I'll feel bad about getting so many books after not having read any. lol True story.

So here are some of the ways I am going to binge:

  1. By Author: I have 7 books by JLA I haven't read, 6 books by Ann Aguirre, and the entire Soul Screamer Series by Rachel Vincent. 
  2. Stand alone's
  3. Series Beginners or the first book in a series
  4. The last books in a series: Anywhere from the second to the last book.
  5. Random freebies from amazon
  6. Review Requests
  7. Green Arrow Comics.
I know it sounds crazy and with my schedule it probably is since I never have time for much, however I feel it is worth a short so I will be taking on a new goal every time I finish one. I will be done with this reading challenge on the last day of December.

This week is Ann Aguirre week. I have started reading my ARC of As Long As You Love Me. You can see the books I'm reading HERE!

Wish me luck and if you have any ideas for my binging let me know!

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