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Review: Romancing the Sea by Cait O'Sullivan

Book Info:
Title: Romancing the Sea
Review Copy
314 pages
Published by Crimson Romance
Release Date: January 1st 2013

Sous-chef Pippa Renshaw thinks a change of scene will mend her bruised heart, so she swaps her job in a prestigious London restaurant to head-chef on a cruise ship sailing around New Zealand. A great plan until she meets her new CEO, the delectable Jonathon Eagleton, and discovers she has to share a suite with him.

Even though sparks fly whenever they are together, Jonathon steadfastly keeps her at arm's length, which suits Pippa just fine because she's still getting over the betrayal of the last time she had a relationship with the boss.

The situation is starting to feel like solitary confinement until a thunderstorm traps them in a tramper's hut while hiking. Suddenly a different kind of storm unleashes inside the hut.

But will they be able to go back to their previous status now the line has been crossed?

"Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors"

My Review:
I received a copy of Romancing the Sea for an honest review.

Pippa is leaving the job she’s had for years to begin working on a cruise ship. What she never expected was to meet Johnathan who sets her pulse racing and her nerves on edge. She also never expected him to be her boss, or that she would be living with him. Now they’re working closely together and as time ticks on their attraction for one another begins to grow. However, Johnathan needs to be professional and getting into a relationship with Pippa is definitely not professional. Pippa has a past and she promised herself she would never fall for another one of her bosses. As the boat leaves the shore more and more drama will ensue.

I honestly really wanted to like this book but I just couldn’t. The banter and chemistry between the two characters was really lacking. Even when they were quote on quote flirting I had no idea until they thought “Am I really flirting right now?” and even then I wondered how they came upon that conclusion. Johnathan was constantly being rude to Pippa and yet she’s like “is he flirting?”…Maybe? I honestly had no idea.

Another issue I had was I guess I am going to have to say how boring everything was. I don’t mean this is a mean way but honestly the characters were kind of dull, and so was the story line. Everything was more or less given away right at the beginning and I couldn’t have cared less what happened to any of them. So yeah I feel bad that I thought this book was boring and truly difficult to get through even though it’s a little over 100 pages but it is what it is.

So I honestly can’t recommend this book since I truly did not enjoy it but maybe if you’re looking for a quick read, you may want to pick this book up.

Cait O'Sullivan was born in Limerick and when her first three-year degree was complete moved to England as hotel manager. Four years after that, she got itchy feet and moved into business relationship management, where she stayed for seven years and got itchy feet. Lucky enough to get a twelve-month sabbatical from her job, she decided once and for all to put those itchy feet to the test and travelled the world solo, backpacking from country to country.

Upon returning to the UK, she couldn't stop following her dreams so she packed in her job and started a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Fast forward three years and she graduated with the first of two daughters in her arms. Family life took precedence for the next four years. Now she has had one romance, Romancing the Seas, published and two Gothic novellas, Mugs & Monasteries and Sefton Manor published by Musa Publishing with another full length romance due for release in May 2014 by Lyrical and Kensington Press. 

And no, she doesn't have itchy feet. 

Find Ms. O'Sullivan here: Website| Twitter| Goodreads

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