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Review: Breathe Into Me by Sara Fawkes

Book Info:
Title: Breathe Into Me
Author: Sara Fawkes
Kindle Edition
288 pages
Published by St. Martin's Press
Release Date: April 8th 2014 
Get Your Copy: Amazon

How did my life get so broken?  It’s a question Lacey St. James asks herself every day. Stuck raising her little brother in a trailer park while she works a dead end job at a grocery store, she has a stalker exboyfriend, a bad reputation, and no way out.

And then she meets Everett, whose presence changes her entire existence.

Everett is an outsider to her small community, in town for the summer housesitting one of the grand mansions off the Mississippi coast. When he saves her in a bar one night, she’s grateful but wary of his intentions. Lacey doesn’t trust most men in her life, but for reasons Lacey can't understand, Everett is completely captivated by her. He’s determined to show her that life can offer more than she’d ever hoped for, if only she believes in herself. As she works with him to free herself, Lacey desperately yearns to trust him, to move on and perhaps start fresh.

But what happens when she finds out that everything he’s told her about himself was a lie?

My Review:
Lacey has an abusive boyfriend, no friends, an alcoholic mother, a verbally, physically, and mentally abusive grandmother, and the town she lives in hates her. She’s broke with not even a high school diploma and nowhere to go. All she wants is to be free of the suffocating town and for her brother to be safe. When life hits an all-time low for Lacey as luck would have it she bumps into Everett. Everett is everything she could ever want wrapped up in a tempting yummy buff package. He’s sweet and wants nothing from her but to be her friend. Helping her study for the GRE and occasionally giving her a place to stay there is absolutely no denying the attraction between the two of them.

Everett’s character is yummy. I mean he is perfect book boyfriend material. Definitely the boy you want to take home to Mama. From the very start he only has eyes for Lacey and he does everything he can to help her get out of her bad situation. I felt like I didn’t really get a complete inside into who Everett really was until later in the book. Once all of Everett’s secrets are out on the table and I mean ALL of his secrets I still loved him and while he blamed himself for what happened I hold a different opinion.

Breathe Into Me centers a lot around bullying and the different effects different types of bullying and neglect have on the characters in the book. Lacey from the day she moved into the trailer park with her grandmother after her stepfather died is bullied and neglected. As readers we come in basically after all that bullying and neglect has finally peaked and we see what kind of person Lacey has turned into because of that. Everett has also seen his share of bullying after being neglected by his parents he loses everything close to him because of one mistake. Going off that I really love how Breathe Into Me focused on bullying and its effects on the characters but it wasn’t screaming “THING BOOK IS ABOUT BULLYING.” The message was more subtle than that which I thought was great.

While most of Breathe Into Me is in Lacey’s point of view there are a few chapters that are in Everett’s and I did a little happy dance because I loved Everett’s inner voice. Those chapters really showed how strongly her felt about Lacey. Lacey’s inner voice despite how craptastic her situation was she was never winey which made me love her all the more. 

So basically we have two extremely messed up characters who fall for each other despite their monumental differences and I liked that. I tend to fall for the abused characters more times than not and Lacey takes the cake. Although even after being abused Lacey is still a strong female character and that is just phenomenal to me. I honestly truly relate and look up to characters who can beat their situation and rise up.

Oh oh another aspect about this book I loved, the banter and dialogue between all the characters. Everything just flowed. Everett and Lacey’s conversations were never awkward of stilted and instead real conversations with hints of humor and easy banter. 

The writing for Breathe Into Me is just fantastic which I really enjoyed. Everything in this book flowed so amazingly from the characters to the entire story. Ms. Fawkes is an amazing writer and I have no doubt I will be reading more by her in the future.

The steam factor in this factor wasn’t outrageous or anything like that. I felt it fit the book perfectly since it seemed so innocent and sweet rather than hot and sweaty. 

Overall, I would label Breathe Into Me as sweet and adorable with vulnerable characters and an amazing message. I honestly would recommend this book to people who are enjoying the New Adult Genre and have enjoyed Wait for Me by J.Lynn.

Thank you St. Martin’s Press, Ms. Sara Fawkes, and Netgalley for the free copy of this book!

"Well, maybe you can borrow from the people who live here. There's a girl's room just down the hall, her clothes will fit you."
"You've gone through the drawers?" I quipped, and flushed at the shrewd look he gave me.
"Never know when I might want to suddenly become a cross-dresser."


Sara Fawkes is an introvert who likes to write. The end.

…not enough? Hoo-boy, alright let’s try this again.

Okay, I was born in Germany and raised all over, although I spent most of my time in California. I’ve been reading and writing since before I could read and write – just ask my mother, she has some of the “books” I “wrote” while in preschool. ;) Elementary school had a lot of essays about, strangely, crocadiles and dragons (thank you Anne McCaffrey); middle school was mostly about telepathic animals. High school was hell, but college was heaven because I found a beautiful thing: fan fiction. I cut my teeth writing what was essentially Young and New Adult fanfics in a variety of fandoms (usually based off scifi TV shows or video games), honing my craft little by little.

My biggest dream was to write for a living, but publishing seemed like such a far-away goal, and difficult to break into. I found out about self-publishing in 2011, and in early 2012 I decided to try my luck with that bold new frontier. Serialized fiction appealed to me; I followed innumerable writers within the fan fiction community who put out their story as they wrote it, and whose work I’d have paid to read. So I figured I’d do an experiment, try my hand in a genre that seemed hot (no pun intended): erotica.

Wow. If I’d known my little story would blow up like it did (in ALL the right ways!)… Wow.

So yeah, that’s me. I currently live in central California, ride a motorcycle, shoot an Olympic recurve bow for fun, hack at my violin when the mood arises, and write for a living. My life has become awesome, and it’s all your (my readers) fault. ;) I’ll never forget that, and am always humbled by that fact.

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