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Blog Tour: Catch a Wolf

Book Info:
Title: Catch a Wolf
360 pages
Published by Untreed Reads
Release Day June 26th 2013
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Raine, Ly’Tana and the others escape Brutal’s trap, but with dire consequences. Kel’Ratan has been grievously injured, and Rygel must take him to safety to save his life. Yet, they are not out of danger. A monstrous storm called the Wrath of Usa’a’mah has halted their flight from Khalid and they must seek shelter within a remote monastery or die under the storm’s power.

But High King Brutal has allied himself with the deadly assassins, the Shekinah Tongu. The secretive clan has sworn out a Blood Oath against Rygel in retaliation for his leaving their brothers in the forest to die. With their hellish hounds and Brutal’s dark wizard, Ja’Teel, they track Raine and Ly’Tana through the devastation left by the storm. Raine leads them into the west, toward Ly’Tana’s home of Kel’Halla, with Brutal’s menace confronting them at every turn.

As he finds himself falling in love with the exotic Ly’Tana, Raine is plagued by a mysterious voice in his head. Is he going crazy? In Raine, Ly’Tana discovers the one man she cannot live without. However, an evil entity has targeted Ly’Tana, bent on her destruction. How can Raine, Rygel, Kel’Ratan and her griffin bodyguard, Bar, keep her safe from its vast, unseen power?

Hunted by Brutal and his evil allies, Raine, Ly’Tana and their friends discover a new, and very strange, force dogging their trail – a pack of enormous, cunning wolves. Mysterious wolves who call to Raine in the night, and bring alive the secret he’s kept hidden, even from himself. Taunted by nightmarish visions, Raine is forced to confront his own dark demon – the beast within.

Who will catch Raine and Ly’Tana first? Brutal and his pets – or the wolves?

Thus begins the second novel of the Saga of the Black Wolf series.

My Review:
Oh my goodness I am dying inside right now. That ending was too much.

Okay so Raine and Ly’Tana and the gang are on the move with a whole lot of complications. Brutal is constantly hot on their tail with a new magician who has it out for Rygel as do the Shekinah Tongu who Rygel blinded. A bad storm rolls through and they almost don’t make it. The wolves that Raine is so scared of are making their presence known.

So oh my goodness I can’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling right not. Raine and Ly’Tana is such an awesome movie I honestly couldn’t have asked for better characters. Ly’Tana while she has her insecurities she is still so strong and loyal. Raine is definitely way more vulnerable than he has ever been in the last book. He tries really hard to not be the leader he knows he has to be and tries to push everyone away because he thinks it is what’s best.

The romance while there is a lot more than the last book I love how it’s not the main focus in this book. I love how Raine and Ly’Tana have such  a great sense of humor as do the other characters. While the situation is always serious I have to say the amazing characters are so amazing written that I laughed cried with the characters while still feeling the tension so that is absolutely amazing.

Catch a Wolf is an amazing sequel and I am so dying for the third book so I am hoping that news about it will be released soon!

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A. Katie Rose is a workaholic living in San Antonio, Texas. With her day job as a photographer, she writes in what little remains of her spare time. She enjoys long walks, reading (when possible), watching movies, red wine, and drinking beer around a fire with friends. Among her extracurricular activities, she rides her horses and rescues cats. Which is why she has too many of both.
A Colorado native, she earned her B.A. in literature and history at Western State College, in Gunnison, Colorado. Her first novel, “In a Wolf’s Eyes”, was published last year by Untreed Reads Publishing. Her second book, “Catch a Wolf”, was released in July, 2013. She is busy working on the third book of the “Saga of the Black Wolf” series, and another novel, outside the series called “The Unforgiven.”
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