Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Fantastic February

Wow I can not believe February is over already! Wow! I am only 3 months away from my senior year of college. Jeez time really does fly.

I reviewed:

I read:
I read 17 books this month! Go me!!!

TBR Pile:
So, this month was a bad month in terms of book buying. I have honestly got to say I bought waaaay too many books this month. I had waay to much time on my hands for buying and so not enough time for reading. I'm feeling a tad guilty about it but oh well. Feeling like this at the moment:

Music of the month: 

Haley Williams Stay the Night

The Wobble by V.I.C.

Alive by Pearl Jam

These Times by Safetysuit

Apologize Cover by Alex Goot

Wanted by Hunter Hayes

 My Meme Challenge:
So last month I challenged myself to read all the books I had from my meme. Well that didn't happen and this month is jammed with book reviews from blog tours so it's probably not going to happen this month either which stinks so I am hoping I will finish them before I finish my junior year!

I honestly cannot believe it's March. Upcoming stuff:

I am participating in 12 or more blog tours this month!!! That's so many it's insane!

I need to get my netgalley stack read and reviewed. I think I have like 20 just waiting for me. I'm going to make sure the natgalley shelf doesn't end up like my regular shelf.

I am on Spring Break next week which should be fun! Book stores here I come!!! 

I'm planning on starting a mini vlog series. It'll be mini posts I'll probably only log on facebook and maybe in my tabs but we'll see. It'll probably weekly and only when I'm looking absolutely fabulous lol.

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