Sunday, March 30, 2014

Books I Found Mediocre but You May Like

Hi everyone, so I thought this would be a fun and easy way for me to share some books with you that I don't really feel the desire to write full reviews for since they turned out to be so not for me. However, I thought if I shared them with you, you could decide for yourself which interests you and I don't have to write a book bashing review! Enjoy!

  1. Unexpected Angel (Isthumus Alliance #1) by Sloan Johnson: The characters didn't have enough depth for me.
  2. Change for Me (Alpha's Kiss #1) by Lynn Red- Free on Amazon: Honestly I don't really even remember this book if that gives you any indication as to how much I enjoyed this book.
  3. Born Omega (Moonbeam Pack #1) by Jayton Young- Free on Amazon: The main character and the writing style did next to nothing for me.
  4. Tempted by the Pack (Blue Moon Brides #1) by Ann Marsh- Free on Amazon: The main character messes around with a guy who then the next day has no intention of hanging out with and then almost gets him and his brothers killed over a house she can't keep and then ends up having sexy time with ALL but one of thanks.
  5. Unmaking Merchant (Love Inc. #3) by Ella James: Sex and bipolar disorder...oh and some other stuff happens but not much.
  6. Take Me (The Untouchables #1) by T.A. Grey- Free on Amazon: The main guy practically rapes the main character, lies to her, cheats on her, and a whole load of other things and yet happily ever....NOOOOO!
  7. The Crescent (The Crescent #1) by Jordan Deen: The main character is a selfish b and I loathe her. 
So yeah that was fantastic! Short little mini reviews for you. Hope if you pick up the these books you enjoy them better than I did!

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