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Review: The Arrangement #13 by H.M. Ward

Book Info:
Title: The Arrangement #13
ARC E-Copy
Kindle Edition
125 pages
Expected publication: by H.M. Ward Press
Release Date: February 3rd 2014 
Get Your Copy: Amazon

Volume 13 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials

***Warning Sexual Content***
Dark. Sexy. Epic. 'I can't lose her.' Those are the words that haunt me, the phrase that repeats in an endless loop in my mind. Images from my past collide with the present until I can no longer tell them apart. I try to hold onto what's real--hold onto her--Avery, but death is looming and it seems that no matter what I do, I can't save her.

Get a glimpse into Sean Ferro's mind in this volume. The first two chapters are told from his point-of-view.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 125 pages each.
~The Arrangement Vol 1-13 are on sale now.~

My Review:
SEAN POV!?!?! HOLY MERMAIDS ON A ROCK! Man oh man I am so freaking in love with how H.M. Ward put not one but TWO chapters of all Sean Ferro yumminess.  Oh so great it absolutely made my day! 

Ok so this is how it goes I am going to spoil what happens so beware!!! Just kidding but here are some of the highlights:
  • ·      Sean has 2 chapters in his POV (It is perfectly acceptable to swoon and or scream.)
  • ·      Someone dies!!
  • ·      Sex couch (which I looked up by the way and honestly? So looks like a camel toe couch)
  • ·      Miss Black…still a bitch!
  • ·      Oh and an amazing scene where they mention pancakes! (Really had me craving Ihop.)
So there it is, my review. Now in detail:

Miss Black really pulls some scary shit and honestly she freaks me out. I mean seriously she needs to get hit by a car because she is a thing of nightmares. Miss Black pulls some stuff in the book that will have you freaking the F*ck out! Stuff about Sean that may have your heart wrenching in your chest and the air in your lungs disappearing in a whoosh! No lie.

The ending…well well well I know I shouldn’t have suspected anything else from my dear friend H.M. Ward but seriously with the ending. She is seriously killing me. After I finished reading I went back and thought “NO freaking way did she just end it like that!!!” She did though of coarse and now I am here dying a little inside while I wait for #14 to come up, get me excited, and then stab me in the heart with another cliffhanger. H.M. Ward’s endings are kind of like the McDonald’s McRib: they leave long enough for you to forget the just how much they taste like death. (Yes I have tasted death, no it doesn’t taste like chicken.)

Sean POV: woot woot!!! I got to read about Sean doing the sexy time with Avery, which sounds dirtier than it is. He’s so sweet in his thoughts towards Avery while the getting it on it’s beautiful. You WILL love Sean Ferro more than you did before after you read those chapters.

Death…yeah someone dies and I’m not telling! Honestly you should read this series if you haven’t yet.

Sex Couch. So there is a sex couch or maybe it’s a chair but I looked that bad boy up and honestly I think it looks pretty freaking cool. What happens at the end though all I could think was “WTF What if Amber herpes queen uses it?!?!?” Anyway look it up (link to google pictures) you may want one after this.

Sadly no Mel in this one but there is a mention of pancake stacks so you know what that means. (Someone needs to bring me some ihop!)

All in all beautiful, tortured, awesome. Loved it loved it loved it. So freaking magical I can’t wait for the next one. Bring it H.M. Ward, BRING IT!

Teaser: "I want more, she always makes me want more, and it’s not just her body—it’s her— it’s Avery." ~Sean Ferro
I frantically look for Sean through the shattered window, but he’s not there. I can’t see anyone, but I hear footfalls inching closer, crunching their way through the dried grass and fallen leaves. The sound is softer than my breaths but it sounds like drums pounding in my ears. The paces are too slow, too careful. My eyes dart through the night, seeking any sign of who’s approaching. The person passes the window, out of sight, and is approaching the front door.


H.M. Ward is the #1 bestselling New Adult author in the world, having sold over 2 million books in 2013. This NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY, and Amazon #1 bestselling writer's series include: THE FERRO FAMILY: DAMAGED, THE ARRANGEMENT, and STRIPPED; as well as SCANDALOUS, TRYSTAN SCOTT, and SECRETS. Ward was recently featured in FORBES, the WALL STREET JOURNAL, and the WASHINGTON POST.
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  1. I love the arrangement series I cant get hold of Vol 13 although your review seem to indicate it is steamy to say the least. Love HM Ward read damages and 1st book of Trystan Scott can not continue because I have no access. I wish I could just read for a living. He He best to dream...

  2. I love this enthusiastic review, Sharrice! :) I haven't met Sean Ferro yet and apparently this is an issue I need to rectify as soon as humanly possible! LOL I love the quotes and the swoon!


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