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Review: Struggle by P.A. Jones

Book Info:
Title: Struggle
Kindle Edition
150 pages
Published December 28th 2013
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New Adult Contemporary Romance.

Eva Clark has seen a lot in her 22 years. While running from her bruised past, she meets Nathan Brown...IT guy by day; hot, tattooed kick boxer by night. With his rock solid body, deep male voice, and dark brown eyes, Nathan is both irresistible and impenetrable.

The more Eva tries to get close to Nathan, more he tries to push her away. What secrets is Nathan hiding from Eva? Can true love be resisted?

Recommended Reading Age 18+
Word Count : 38,000 Approximate Page Count: 150

My Review:
I received a copy of Struggle for an honest review.

Struggle is a story about Eva and Nathan who are both struggling with their pasts so they can learn to love and trust again.

I really hate giving not so stellar reviews, but this book I felt had too many issues for me to like it and I think I really could have.

First issue was all the grammatical errors. Honestly a few don’t bother me but there were issues on almost every page like “Chloe didn’t even knew where I was.” I think the author really needed to go over this book a few times before she published it.

The characters and dialogue and just overall flow of the writing just didn’t work for me. The characters had basically no background or interests beyond a few clues here and there. Nothing about them made me care or relate to them. The dialogue was so awkward with Chloe constantly calling Eva “baby” or “Sweetheart” it just didn’t seem like something anyone would do. Everyone always thought and talked so formally too that it was unrealistic. Things like “I am coming” or “You are taking a cab.” None of it seemed real to me. Then there’s the flow. Honestly the whole book was so choppy that it made me notice more grammatical errors than I think I would have if the flow of the story had been easier.

Eva wasn’t a great character and neither was Nathan. I don’t know if that’s just because neither of them seemed to have real emotions beyond “happy, mad, sad” or because we didn’t get any background knowledge or true inner thoughts and feelings that I just couldn’t bring myself to like them. They both went from “oh me so horny to I can never talk to you again because of my secret past where something happened” yeah not really buying it.

Another awkward thing about this book totally unrelated to anything but here’s the quote:
"I took his finger in my mouth. “You cute little puppy,” he moaned.” Um…what? The entire sex scene was awkward because of the formal way everything was written which just made everything kind of laughable instead of sexy.

And another thing, Eva said she only had one other boyfriend but then she says:
“It’s not like I have never had a boyfriend, but it always ended with a broken heart.”
Um I don’t think 1 boyfriend is enough experience to say always.

All and all I have to give this book 1 star because this was such disappointment and there was no redeeming qualities. The characters were flat, the flow of the writing was stunted, there were so many grammatical errors it was sad. I really had high hopes for this book and it was a real let down. I can honestly say I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone personally, but some people did enjoy it so maybe it will be the book for you.

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