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Review: The Proposition #2

Book Info:
Title: The Proposition #2
64 pages
Published by Laree Bailey Press
Release Date: December 30th 2013
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Blackmail. Sex. Ferro.

There's no doubt in my mind that Bryan Ferro is serious--if I don't sleep with him, he'll destroy me. Everything I've earned will be blown away like dust, and my life will no longer be my own. His demand for just one night rolls into days. He doesn't want me for a one-time fling, it's more than that.

But as I stand there, ready to tell him off, I hear it. The familiar sound, the hesitation, the slight hitch in his voice, and that's what forces me to my knees. It's not Neil, Maggie, or even the money--it's Bryan.

My Review:
Holy Propositions! Yes yes I know this review is late especially since I read this book the second it was uploaded on amazon.

Okay first off my favorite part of this story with Hallie and Bryan was the date in the park! Oh my goodness I loved it loved it loved it. Ducky!!!

There is so much to say but I don’t want to give anything away! Oh the frustration!!!

Part two takes place right where part one ends. Hallie walks right out of Bryans’ room and into well more danger.  Getting saved by someone unlikely she gets into her best friend’s car and goes to a dangerous part of the city where her best friend lives. Dangerous doesn’t even begin to cover what’s going on where her best friend lives and Hallie wakes Maggie up and hightails it out of there.

Getting back to her house she walks in and Bryan is there and tells her ass hat boyfriend what’s what and leaves with Hallie taking her on a date and then back to his place. Bryan has secrets too and Hallie only has a little bit of time to save her friend before what she saw gets her killed.

Ugh that freaking ending! So mad!!! I hate hate hate her boyfriend. Such a douche bag who deserves to be kicked. Suck it Neil!!!

Bryan is really likeable. I have to say he definitely has a sensitive side that Hallie brings out. Not saying he doesn’t have a dangerous side because he definitely does and you will see it in the first couple pages just how dangerous he is.

I love how Hallie is around Bryan rather than with her jerk of an ex-boyfriend. She’s strong and more passionate with him and I really enjoy her when she’s around Bryan and even her best friend Maggie

Speaking of Maggie holy crap I can tell danger and secrets are brewing and I honestly can’t wait for the next installment.

Keep up the good work Holly!

Favorite Quote from my favorite scene:
“I got attacked by a duck.” I sound shocked.
“No babe, a duck tried to make out with your ankle. I’ll have to try that later.”

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  1. LOL, a duck tried to make out with your ankle :D Great quote, Sharrice! This sounds both funny and hot - definitely my kind of read! Thanks for sharing :)

    Have a fantastic Friday. Happy reading.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  2. A duck making out with her ankle. Yeah, I can definitely see the fun side. Nice review. I've got this series on my TBR list. Not sure when I will read it though.
    Christmas and New Year went well but I didn't get that many books. I got vouchers instead so that I could go choose my own. Would love to see your new bookshelf. (Maybe you could post a picture).
    You asked me to let you know when I was reading Apollyon. Sorry, but I already read it. I read the entire series (except for Sentinel which I still need to get) during the Christmas - New Year break while I wasn't blogging. My post for it will be up Tuesday 01-21-14.
    Anyways, have a great weekend. :D

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog


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