Friday, November 29, 2013

Review: Summer Love

Book Info:
Title: Summer Love
Genre: Romance
Kindle Edition
Published by Alice Sisman
Release Date: January 30th 2013
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Haleigh Simmons meets sexy foreign exchange student, Mika Harkett, when she attends a high school Summer Program at the University. Mika seeks out Haleigh's help with his English paper and before Haleigh knows it, she finds herself tutoring Mika and spending the entire summer with him. Haleigh soon realizes that she's stuck being Mika's best friend when she is falling in love with him more and more each day. And what starts out as an innocent friendship slowly turns into something not so innocent by the end of the next summer.

My Review:
I received a copy of Summer Love for an honest review.

Haleigh Simmons is a high school girl who takes classes over the summer with her best friend and meets a boy that will become her long time crush Mika Harkett a foreign exchange student. Becoming close friends even after high school starts back up. Haleigh’s life changes a lot over the summer and she makes a lot of new friends while also struggling with finals and a best friend who begins to see an older man. It makes for an interesting summer.

Summer Love was a quick paced book which was nice and the writing was also really good.

The main character and her best friend were not all that great or relatable to me. I didn’t really understand their friendship or them as characters all that well. They seemed to be snobs with emotional issues who claimed they were nerds.
The overall story wasn’t all that interesting. There was never a point where I felt like a part of this was super interesting and just pulled me in. It was disappointing to say the least.

All in all:
It was an alright read definitely barrow from a friend material. If you’re looking for a quick read this may be the book for you.

Thank you Alice Sisman for sending me a copy of your book!

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