Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Author Appreciation #17

Is it safe to say that for my first ever author who sent me a review request I might be a little biased towards? Absolutely! Amanda sent me my very first review request for her book The Dark Side of Night. It was awesome by the way so make sure to check that out on goodreads. I can't thank her enough for sending me that first review request and Amanda Day will always hold a special place in my heart for that.

You can check Amanda Day out on:
Her Website/ Blog
on Goodreads

Amanda's Books:
Dark Side of Night
Everybody knows a boy like Oscar.

He’s popular at college, fun and good looking.

When Oscar is viciously attacked in the City by men with long curved teeth and eyes that glow, a mysterious girl appears in a frightening storm of knives and skill to save his life.

Nobody knows a girl like Cyan.

Her ice-white eyes show the pain of her broken soul.

Self-appointed warrior, she fights against the darkness and shadows of a world hidden to most. She considers saving a boy’s life just part of her job, so Cyan is more than surprised when Oscar comes looking for her.

He wants answers. She wants to be left alone.

Cyan isn’t sure how to let someone into her life, and maybe even her heart, after decades alone, while Oscar isn’t sure if the world he has willingly stepped into is too much to take.

As night and day collide with painful consequences, they are left asking if love really can conquer all… even when it seems impossible?

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Diary of a Resurrection
You know that saying ‘always listen you your heart’? Well I did, and look where it got me.

This is the story of how Mina met Drew. How she fell in love and then fell apart.

This is also the story of how, when she was lost in the maze of her broken heart, she found her way back.

**Diary of a Resurrection is a novella that is unsuitable for younger readers due to some of the language used.

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The Lands of the Hexagon House:
Imagine your Gran gave you a mysterious key and some slightly batty directions to a forest.

You would follow those directions… wouldn’t you?

And, if a little hexagon shaped house appeared in the middle of that forest with a lock that fits your key… well, you’d go inside, wouldn’t you?

Freddie, Joe and Ella Green did.

You’ll never guess what they found.

Full of magical lands, secret doors and things that aren’t always quite as they seem, Freddie, Joe and Ella find themselves in a race to stop the evil Nefar, an ugly (and rather smelly) Goblin, set on destroying the house and all its entrancing lands forever.

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From her website:
I've always written. There isn't a time when I can't think that I didn't have at least one notebook on the go. I have kept diaries ever since I could write, and spent much of my youth trying to pen my own 'Point Horror' book on my electric typewriter because I couldn't think of anything better in the world than being R.L. Stine.

Time passed, I left the Point Horrors and R.L. Stine behind, but I never stopped writing or reading, and I never stopped loving words.

At nineteen I passed the same curious little house every week, and every week the story of the little house grew in my head. Eventually it had grown into something so big it needed to be put on paper. I knew then I wanted to be a writer. In fact, it was all I wanted to be. So I wrote the story and I submitted it. I got rejected, I put it away and decided to write something else. Onwards upwards as they say.

By then I had somehow stumbled into reading both YA books and fantasy, and I loved it. It was like it belonged in my heart and I didn't understand have I could have ever read anything else. At the same time the image of a character came to me, fully formed. She strolled through the streets of my mind plain as day - and pretty frickin' bad ass at that. I knew I had to write her story. And, I was tired of the boys in the books being the ones that always got to be strong and powerful, it was time for the girls to step up. Some months later The Dark Side of Night was done.

I submitted it, I got good feedback, but ultimately, I got rejected. 

Last year a very good friend kept insisting I check out Amanda Hocking and her self published journey. I eventually gave in and looked - and I was inspired. I realised I could self publish too. I loved my stories and I thought they deserved to live somewhere else other than on my computer. Even if no one else read it, I still loved it, so why not. In fact, I decided I could write lots of books and publish them all myself - no more rejection woop woop.

In April 2012 I published The Dark Side of Night and set Cyan, the bad ass girl in my mind, free. In 2013 I will be publishing The Lands of the Hexagon House, the first story I ever wrote inspired by a curious little house. It's very exciting.

And after that???

Well, who knows....

That's it folks I hope everyone enjoyed and checks out Amanda Day's awesomeness! Also if you're interested check out one of my first ever reviews for Dark Side of Night by Amanda Day

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