Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review Request: My Sister's Murder

Book Info:
Title: Her Sister's Murder
Author: Tabitha Short
Published by Createspace 
Release Date: November 10th 2012 
To Buy: Amazon, B&N, Smashword

Kate thought it was something they had left behind long ago when they moved nearly two-thousand miles away, but when her best friend Abby talks her into visiting a psychic, the mystery is reawakened. Twenty-one years ago, four years before she was even born, her older sister had disappeared from the front porch of their cousin's home. Without witnesses and without any evidence, the case went cold.

Abby's had a crush on Adam for nearly two years and is more than ecstatic when she finally catches his attention. Secretly Kate has liked him since sixth grade and when she learns he is taking a weekend trip to see his brother in the same town where her sister had disappeared, she goes along. As their forbidden romance blooms and betrayal weighs heavily on her heart, she finds herself face to face with her sister's murderer.

My Review:
I received a copy of Her Sister's Murder for an honest review.

Holy cow! I went into this book thinking I wasn't going to like it after the last book I read by Tabatha Short but holy mother bunches of oats Her Sister's Murder was absolutely freaking amazing.

When Abby convinces Kate to go see a fortune teller Kate’s life is changed forever. When her sister’s murder is brought up all Kate can think about is getting answers and her long time crush Adam. When Adam finally notices her though it’s at the wrong time because now Abby wants nothing more than for Adam to ask her to prom and Kate only wants to make Abby happy. Now Kate is going behind her best friends back when Adam and her take a trip to help Kate find the truth about her sister’s fate. With Adam and his brother Arthur’s help they help solve the mystery of that day when Loraine went missing and what she finds will be the start of a new future for her.

Holy smoke on the water I loved this story from the beginning pages until the end. Her Sister’s Murder is the perfect combination of the supernatural, mystery, and romance. The entire story focuses around Katy trying to find a way to the truth about her older sisters’ murder. She gets help from her long time sexy crush Adam whose psychic powers connect them. Kate thinks a lot about her sisters’ death as well as her betrayal to her best friend for her feelings towards Adam. Adam and Kate have liked each other for a long time but since Kate asked Adam to go to prom with Abby instead their forbidden feelings haven’t stopped and in fact continue to grow.

Katy finds the truth behind what happened to her sister and while she loses something or rather someone extremely important to her but in the end she gains truth and so much more.

All in all, I loved Her Sister’s Murder for so many reasons. The characters were amazing and relatable. The secrets and mystery surrounding Kate’s sisters’ disappearance was so amazing and kept me reading to find out who and why. The writing was phenomenal. I was drawn into this amazing book from page one and am so happy that I was allowed to get a copy of this amazing story. I sincerely recommend Her Sister’s Murder to anyone who is looking to try an amazing new story that is a quick read with loads of mystery and a unique story.

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